AD10 - Marin & Sonoma Counties

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 women and 7 men from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

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Voting Time & Location

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019
Doors Open: 10:00am
Candidate speeches begin: 10:15am
Registration & voting: 10:45am-12:45pm


UA Local 38 Plumbers & Pipefitters
3473 Santa Rosa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Cross streets: Todd and Hearn

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

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Caroline Banuelos
Lisa Bennett
Ruth Carter
Alice Chan
Donna Norton
Debra Taube
Carey Caccavo Wheaton
Ralph Miller

E-Board Representative (Incumbent)

Vote for Ralph for both Delegate and E-board representative.

Bob Harmon
Perry Lloyd
Oliver Snow
Norman Solomon
Jim Wheaton

Detailed Information

Endorsed or Supported By:

AD 10 Club
Coalition for Grassroots Progress
Courage Campaign
Fairfax People Power
Health Care for All Marin
Indivisible Sausalito
Latinos for America
Latino PAC of Sonoma County

North Bay for Bernie
North Bay Progressive Alliance
Our Revolution Marin
Progressive DFA-Marin
Progressive Democrats of America-CA,
Roots Action Network
Sonoma County Latino Democratic Club
SURJ-Showing Up for Racial Justice

Caroline Banuelos

Formerly an AD10 delegate in 2014-2015; as well as Northern CA Vice-Chair of the Progressive Caucus; I have served in many capacities within the State Party (Northern CA Vice-Chair of the Chicano/Latino Caucus also).  Currently, I am President of the Sonoma County Latino Democratic Club; Vice-President of the KBBF Board of Directors (the first bilingual radio station in the country); Co-Chair of Cinco de Mayo in Roseland; served on the Sonoma County Central Committee for 6 years.  My passions are social justice, human rights and voter empowerment. Working to bring Latinos into the political process and fighting the injustices of police brutality. I will continue to work on these and many other issues at the State Party. I would be honored to have your vote.

Lisa Bennett

It would be an honor to have your support as an elected delegate to represent the 10th Assembly District. I believe that we all share many values that the Party can advance, values that uphold basic human dignity, civil liberties, and human rights. This has been the focus of my grassroots activism and these values will guide me as your delegate. As co-Chair of ICE Out of Marin, I help lead a coalition of organizations and individuals who seek an end to law enforcement’s collaboration with ICE. I am also a Board member of the MultiCultural Center of Marin, an organization which empowers and respects cultural wisdom and diversity. As a Core Group member of SURJ Marin I find it necessary and essential to focus my activism through the lens of racial justice. I founded and continue to help lead Indivisible Sausalito, one of 5,000 chapters nationwide, which seeks to deepen and maintain civic engagement and holds our elected officials accountable to our values. I am also a member of the League of Women Voters (Marin) and am an alternate member of the Democratic Central Committee of Marin.

Progressive values should not be considered divisive or radical, they are values that are rooted in unity, respect, dignity, and justice. As a Progressive I believe that healthcare is a human right, that climate solutions can be enacted and should be enacted to consider those most impacted, that poverty is not a crime, that access to education, housing, and employment should be available to everyone, and that, ultimately, solutions that lift and liberate the oppressed will lift and liberate us all.

Ruth Carter

As a lifelong Democrat, an unabashed liberal and current AD10 delegate, it has been an honor to serve the district and the party in a greater capacity. My passion for progressive causes was instilled in me, a first generation American, by parents who were escapees from the Holocaust. Having been a public school teacher in West Harlem in NYC, I am sensitive to the needs of the diverse population living in AD 10 and, currently, as a family therapist, I am an effective communicator and support authentic dialog.

I believe that it is imperative that the California Democratic Party (CDP) lead the way in fighting for the following (among others):

  • social security protection;
  • a single-payer health care system including the protection and expansion of Medicare and Medicaid;
  • real climate change actions with an immediate ban on fracking;
  • ending militarization and increasing accountability of law enforcement, ending excessive use of force as well as racial bias;
  • protecting the rights of women, the LGTBQ community, the disabled as well as religious freedom;
  • and creating jobs with justice, a living wage and affordable housing.


I currently serve as

  • Chair of the CDP Senior Caucus;
  • Treasurer of Health Care for All-Marin;
  • Co-Chair of the Marin Chapter of the California Alliance for Retired Americans;
  • Elected member of the Democratic Central Committee of Marin and was an elected Sanders delegate to the 2016 Presidential Convention.


I respectfully ask for your vote.

Alice Chan

My top three priorities in the coming election cycle are (1) global catastrophic climate collapse requiring dramatic and immediate action; (2) recognition of healthcare as a basic human right, including passage of universal health care; (3) reinstatement of the Voting Rights Act, protecting American voters from the voter suppression we saw in 2016 as well as this year’s election, and to that end, electing legislators who will immediately take action on this legislation.

Our environment, our privacy, our healthcare, and our Constitution are under relentless assault from multi-national corporations and business as usual legislators. This is not the time for grassroots Democrats to be timid or conciliatory; we no longer have time for business as usual.

If I am elected to be a delegate from AD 10, I will work to represent those who do not automatically inherit seats at the table of power in this country: working people, minorities, people in the LGBTQ community, people without homes, people without healthcare, people under suspicion because of their chosen religion. If we work together as Democrats for these people, we are working for all of us, and for a resurgence of a Democratic Party that actually makes a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve been politically active all my life, both inside the Democratic Party and outside on the streets. I’m a founding member of the Coalition for Grassroots Progress, where I currently serve as a member of the steering committee, and a former several-term elected member of the Sonoma County Democratic Party, serving as Chair of the Candidate Search & Development Committee as well as a term as First Vice-Chair. I have served several terms as a delegate to the CaDem Central Committee, both from the county central committee and as an elected delegate from the assembly district on the AD 10. I co-chaired the Progressive Democrats Sonoma County chapter for several years, and I’ve volunteered on the campaigns of numerous progressive candidates. I humbly ask for your vote.

Donna Norton

Current AD 10 delegate, past member Sonoma County Central Committee (10 yrs).  A major focus for me has been implementing Single-Payer Healthcare, and thanks to Bernie Sanders that issue has moved to a national priority.  Grassroots progressives continue to construct a Platform reflecting the progressive values of our Party (including a commitment to S/P)—racial, social, economic, gender, environmental justice.  But there’s no accountability apparatus in place. Our Party is in need of reform so our electeds genuinely walk the talk in the eyes of the voters.

Debra Taube

As co-founder of the Marin chapter of the grassroots organization Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) I work with community members and elected officials to educate and raise awareness about racial justice. SURJ Marin promotes programs and policies to insure racial equity, in partnership with local People of Color led organizations and community activists. As a delegate for the CA District 10 progressive slate, I am committed to including and amplifying the voices, leadership and collective wisdom of local People of Color activists and organizers. In my 25 years as a psychotherapist, I have focused on work with survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones and families. I have witnessed how the criminal justice and healthcare systems have failed to address issues of perpetrator accountability, and have inadequately respond to the harm done to survivors and their communities. This failure has led to my deep interest in and support of restorative and transformative justice approaches, a comprehensive overhaul of current criminal justice practices, and universal healthcare that includes mental health services.

Carey Caccavo Wheaton

In times of unprecedented danger to our democracy, climate, collective health and survival, let us lead with love and determination to defeat the GOP’s criminal enterprise, oppose policies that permit corruption and corporate influence to undermine democracy, and pursue those that protect and uplift us all. These include: meaningful climate legislation/Green New Deal, criminal justice reform; an outright ban on toxics, fracking and other man-made threats to public health; strengthening civil rights, public education; voter, worker, consumer, renter and immigrant rights and protections; pursuing economic, racial and gender equality; and passing Single Payer Health Care/Medicare For All, creating infrastructure to make it succeed, and ending the scourge of for-profit medical bankruptcy once and for all.

To shine as Big Blue Beacon of Hope for the nation, California and our Party leadership must meet our own ethical standards. Transparency, accountability and oversight must preside, and core Democratic values of compassion, courage and fair play guide the way we treat each other. Through many hands, we have created a remarkable, evolving Party platform that can be a blueprint and guidepost for the nation. Let’s have a healthy and constructive debate as we move forward to elect a deserving and ethical Party Chair– and President of the United States– who will move us forward. In so doing, let’s help each other avoid the snares and pitfalls primaries can bring, and resist efforts to manipulate, divide and conquer us.

As a long term Democrat in the FDR-Sanders-Warren wing with a background in social work and nutrition/health advocacy, I am motivated by love. Raised on the East Coast, I’ve lived 12 years in Marin and 18 in Sonoma County, as mother, grassroots organizer; arts and education advocate, tutor, editor, singer in a Resistance band, and author of progressive democratic ballot guides. Our Sebastopol home has been a creative phone bank hub since 2002, this year hosting 11 phone banks and 5 postcard parties this Blue Wave year, in conjunction with SoCoDems, Swing Left, Indivisible Sebastopol, and Reclaim Our Vote/NAACP/Black Voters Matter. As a first time CDP delegate, and member of Women’s, Progressive and Senior Caucuses, I encourage citizen engagement, respectful communication, and coalition building.

Let us take heart from our recent victories, and join with shared dreams as we work to make our Party, state and country more just and humane, for all. If re-elected, I will work to represent us, cast votes responsibly, share what we learn with our community, organize and invite citizen engagement. With courage, compassion, and respect, we will prevail.

Ralph Miller

I am running for reelection as a Progressive Delegate and E-Board Representative for the 10th Assembly District.

I have served as AD10 Executive Board Representative to the California Democratic Party for two terms, first elected in 2015. I am a member of the CDP Rules Committee and Treasurer of the CDP Senior Caucus. In the next two years, I will focus on the substance of what we as Democrats want our party to do, turning lofty statements into discernible action. In this next term, the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) for which The Progressive Slate is running, will be electing a new Party Chair and making endorsements for California’s early Primary. I am committed to listening to you and keeping you informed about CDP activities so you can be an empowered advocate for progressive values.

Bob Harmon

I am currently the treasurer of the Coalition for Grassroots Progress, and the former chair of the Marin Chapter, ACLU. I was the proponent of the 1993 Marin ordinance on domestic partners’ registration, and, as a director at a Mill Valley senior center, was an activist for senior affordable housing in Mill Valley 2006-2014. I served as a delegate to the state party 1994-2005 and again this last term as part of this progressive slate, 2017 to now. I’m running as part of the Progressive slate and wish, again, to be a part of – and a vote, among many, for – a progressive movement to revitalize the party, as well as maintain LGBT presence, adherence to civil liberties and a re-dedication to social and economic justice. We found in this last term, as delegates, that every vote counted in electing statewide officers and party platforms and resolutions. We need to go back and finish our work together, as a bloc of reliable votes for change.

Perry Lloyd

As a lifelong progressive who has voted for Democratic candidates in every election, I believe strongly in Social Justice and Environmental Conservation and I believe California can and should be a leader and a model for other States in both fields. I believe Human-Caused Climate Change is the greatest danger to life on this planet and Wealth Inequality is the greatest danger to our democracy and our economy.

Living in AD10 for over 25 years now, and having run for a local special district board seat and raising my children here, I have a deep attachment to this District. As a tree farmer like my father, I grew up appreciating nature and its ability to heal the damage man inflicts on the world, and as an organic wine-grower in Mendocino, I know the challenges of stewardship of the land. My time as a Fellow at “Redefining Progress” and my 12-year service on the board and as Treasurer of the Pacific Forest Trust also deepened my environmental commitment.

I have long been concerned about the effects of money in politics and both contributed to and canvassed neighborhoods throughout AD10 for Sen. Sanders’ run to be the Democratic nominee for president and campaigned myself to be one of his delegates to the National Convention.

Oliver Snow

I am running to be a delegate to the state party to ensure the Democratic party can strengthen the progressive leadership it has held in California for so long. I firmly believe that global climate change is the greatest threat facing the next generation and as someone whose future will be decided by how today’s leaders react to climate change I want to do everything in my power to ensure California and the California Democratic Party take the lead on this critical issue. I am also fully committed to pushing for accessible healthcare for everyone in California as well as ensuring all votes are counted in our elections. After working for Dan Monte’s campaign for Assembly, I want to continue to push for a more progressive party which reflects the views of a changing society and I would be honored to represent Assembly District 10 for the next 2 years.

I was born in San Francisco to two Australian immigrants who taught me from a young age the importance of helping others and appreciating the opportunities I have been given. I believe everyone in the State of California and the United States deserves an equal starting point which includes good education, universal healthcare, and access to a clean planet with strong environmental protections.

Norman Solomon

I was elected from the North Bay as a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where I served as the national coordinator of the independent Bernie Delegates Network.

As a member of the coordinating committee of the Coalition for Grassroots Progress, I’m proud to be working with other progressive activists in our region for the defeat of Republicans AND for truly progressive policies.

We must make the Democratic Party a powerful progressive force. That means — among other imperatives — rolling back corporate power, ending voter suppression, working against racism and all other forms of bigotry, insisting on justice for immigrants, fully responding to the emergency of climate change, and challenging what Martin Luther King Jr. called “the madness of militarism.”

As the national coordinator of, I work with activists across the country and beyond to help end the injustices that afflict this beautiful and anguished world.

The leadership of the Democratic Party too often fails to forthrightly challenge the Republican agenda — while deferring to the power of Wall Street, big banks, huge corporations, oligarchs, and the military-industrial complex.

Calling ourselves and our state party progressive is not enough. We must walk the walk.

When state party leaders in Sacramento fail to move ahead with single-payer Medicare for All, that’s an awful failure of leadership. The same is true when Big Ag dictates where water goes in our state, or when the legislature votes in the interests of large-scale rich growers rather than for the human rights of farm workers.

The California Democratic Party has not put enough resources and energy into fighting for progressive principles. For instance, our state has massive poverty; yet leadership from Sacramento has too often conveyed a kind of complacency despite such widespread suffering.

Wealthy individuals and large corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (Medi-Cal) are vital programs that should be vastly expanded and strengthened. It’s not enough to simply defend the status quo against cuts. Likewise, with a federal budget out of whack — devoting way too many dollars to military spending and far too few dollars to meeting human needs — we need a fundamental restructuring of priorities.

Jim Wheaton

Even though I have voted as a Democrat my entire life, it was the 2016 election and Bernie Sanders’ candidacy that inspired me to get more deeply involved in the CDP. In 2017 I was elected as a delegate to AD10 as part of the Progressive Slate. During the last two years, I attended both State conventions, and one E-board meeting, and many local club events. My wife and I hosted over a dozen phone banks and post card writing parties in preparation for the 2018 mid-term elections. I realize now that the power of the California Democrats to reach out to other parts of the country is huge, both in terms of working on specific elections, but also in terms of exporting policy decision that have proven track records.

My policy priorities are ENVIRONMENTAL: to continue the progress California has made of reducing green-house gases, mandating full renewable energy with short term goals, banning fracking and offshore oil drilling, and support of a New Green Deal program; HEALTHCARE: work on Medicare-for-all, and/or CA single-payer; VOTING INTEGRITY: repeal of Citizen’s United, banning dark money in politic; non-partisan redistricting commissions; It is also way past time for comprehensive IMMIGRATION REFORM and a restoration of humane treatment of refugees seeking our help.

Other California policies I’m interested in pursuing are restoring the Redevelopment Authority with more oversight and focused on affordable housing; modification of Prop-13 to allow tax increases for commercial properties and a transition forward to more equitable taxation on all home sales; Working on specific anti-gun violence laws; Restoring more money for the California JC, State, and UC systems to help reduce costs of in-state tuition; Predictable increases in funding for K-12 education, and pre-K programs. We also need to elect a more progressive state Party Chair, who can bring people together in our own party. In the next two years I think we can move the needle forward on all progressive issues in an aggressive but appropriate way.