AD13: Western San Joaquin County

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 women and 7 men from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

Voting Time & Location

Date: Saturday, January 7
Candidate Speeches Begin: 
Registration & Voting: 
Counting of Ballots Begin: 12:00pm

SEIU 1021
4226 Coronado Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204

Cross streets: Off West Lane and Enterprise

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

Voting Can We Count on You to Vote?

Your Progressive Candidates

Motecuzoma Sanchez

Union Representative, Community Activist, Veteran, Teamster

Manuel Zapata

2016 Bernie Sanders Delegate

Cody Seibel

Community Organizer/ Activist

Zachary Denney

Community Activist

Kari Khoury

Community Organizer, OFA, Stockton for Berne Sanders Team Lead

Detailed Information

Cody Seibel
I worked feverishly on the Bernie 2016 campaign. Experience with Voter Contact. I look forward to meeting, working and learning from the people in district 13. I am a lifelong democrat and a proud progressive. I wish to bring new blood into the body of the California Democratic Party. California has the power to lead the nation on matters against a GOP agenda. With all of us working together we can and will defeat conservatism, racism, inequality, climate change and most notably all those things that exist Within our party.
Manuel Zapata

In the art of war, Sun Tzu stated “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”. Never has that been more clear than now. The 2016 Presidential Election left a lot of Americans feeling shocked, hopeless and fearful of our future. We, as Democrats, must show them that not only can we overcome this but we MUST overcome this. We must learn how to speak to all Americans, we must provide answers to their questions, we must listen to their concerns and make sure it’s clear that the Democratic party is committed to being the party of the people.
My name is Manuel Zapata, I was born in Tracy, CA. where I learned a sense of community, family and respect for differing opinions at a young age. I am a progressive millennial Democrat on a mission to bring fresh ideas to strengthen our party while energizing the next generation. I had the honor of being elected to represent District 10 as a Bernie Sanders delegate for the 2016 Democratic National Convention after working locally with his grassroots campaign. I’ve also volunteered time and energy rallying, canvassing and phone banking for Barack Obama, The No on 8 campaign and Jerry McNerney in 2008. I am a lover of politics, social activism, history and media and hope to use my passion to build coalitions, offer hope, and give a voice to the people of Assembly district 13. I would be honored to have your vote and support. Thank you.

Zachary Denney

I am running for the positions of Assembly District Delegate (ADD) and Executive Board Member to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) for AD-13 in order to bring a breath of fresh air to our Democratic Party.
My family raised me to always fight for what’s right and to stand up for those discriminated or oppressed. As a student activist, I have fought for the first amendment rights of students, and worked with groups advocating for, among many areas, racial justice, undocumented justice, campaign finance reform, single payer healthcare, and LGBTQ+ equality.
As we enter a new era in Washington, our Party and its members, activists, and voters now have an important responsibility to stand up to corruption and rigged systems, as well as to continue the fight to give all of us a fighting chance. We must stand for the protection of Social Security and Medicare, civil rights, voting rights, and the struggle for economic, social, and racial justice.
I want to be that Party member, and that voice for our area.
If given the opportunity to serve, I intend to bring my values to the table, to lend my perspective as a millennial to Party leaders, and to advocate for reforms and policies needed to open the doors of our Party and bring us closer to a more progressive California. I also want to advocate for the creation of a “millennial caucus,” in order to help organize and empower our future Party leaders.
I hope to be given the chance to be your champion and voice at the DSCC.

Motecuzoma Sanchez

Motecuzoma Patrick Sanchez is a community advocate, activist, author, and artist. A native of Stockton, California he draws on his experiences being raised by a single mother and struggling with poverty and growing up among multi-ethnic disenfranchised and marginalized groups. He became involved with student activist groups starring in high school and community college, partaking in and leading at an early age social justice actions and movements.

Having aspirations of joining the Marine Corps since he was seven years old, he enlisted in the Reserves and was called to active duty and deployed from Camp Pendleton as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. This experience caused him to realize the connection between politics and the daily struggles and reality people deal with on a daily basis. This along with his city being designated as “the most miserable city in America” would motivate him to run for mayor as a statement against the status quo and means of interjecting issues into the conversation he felt were too often overlooked.
He holds a Master’s degree in Piblic Administraion with high honors from USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and a BA in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Chicano Studies from CSU Sacramento. He is also an alum of the prestigious Capital Fellowship and has worked as a legislative aide in the California State Assembly working on legislation that has been signed into law.
He continues his commitment to his community with over 20 years experience in community involvement, advocacy, and activism. He is the founder and director of SEMILLAS, a literacy program designed to address the low education rates in Stockton, which has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the nation, by encouraging youth to read and engaging their parents be involved in their children’s education. He has also advocated for DREAMers in Washington DC. Locally he has advocated for police and government accountability and led the fight to re-open the Fair Oaks Public Library in east Stockton.
He was elected to serve as a delegate for Bernie Sanders to the democratic national in Philadelphia representing congressional district 9 and is currently a union business representative and political coordinator. He continues to live in Stockton where he is raising his family including four children.

Kari Khoury

Joaquin Grassroots Action which focused on the civic engagement of our voters during President Obama’s term. We sponsored community service events, held issue and candidate forums all while empowering volunteers to expand their skills and interests. As a Stockton team leader for OFA, I was trained in the Marshall Ganz Community team method of organizing, leading small teams to do outreach and implementation of the ACA, worked on the issue of Gun Violence Prevention and worked with allied groups to help further President Obamas legacy. In June of 2015 I helped found and organize, Stockton for Bernie Sanders, where we successfully trained and motivated many first time volunteers, and millennials working along with our partners in Lodi for Bernie,Tracy for Bernie and Stanislaus for Bernie. We collaborated on strategies, shared tools and resources and supported each others events. It was an exciting but eye-opening experience as we listened to the new volunteers views on our country’s path. They care about health care as a right, raising the minimum wage, acting on climate change; all the issues that we as Democrats champion.

There are huge numbers of voters that want to make positive impacts locally and nationally. Democrats need to reach out to new voters, work with allied groups, and be open to creative new ideas to reinvigorate our party! I believe I am well qualified to serve as a ADEM delegate, as I have the leadership, dedication and organizing skills to help our district engage, motivate and convince new voters that the Dem platform of 2016 speaks to their dreams and aspirations, while protecting our earth and Democracy for all. I am excited to meet this challenge and will do my best to work side by side with long time Democrats as well as welcoming new people into the party. Thank you for your consideration