AD18: Alameda County

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

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Voting Time & Location

Date: Sunday, January 27, 2019
Doors Open: 
Candidate Speeches Begin:
Registration & Voting: 12:45pm-2:45pm

College of Alameda
Student Lounge in Bldg. F
555 Ralph Appezzato Memorial Pkwy.
Alameda, CA 94501

Cross street: Webster Street

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

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Your Progressive Candidates

Detailed Information

Dan Wood (Alameda)

Vote for both delegate and  e-board candidate
Main issue: Police Accountability
Current Delegate 2017-2018

A four-term delegate, 2005-2010 & 2017-present, Dan authored resolutions and contributed to the state Democratic party platform to bring about much-needed progressive ideals and framing. He spearheaded succcessful “No on 1A” campaign at 2009 convention. A leader in Alameda Progressives and Alameda Democratic Club. Volunteered and/or raised funds for many presidential, regional, and local campaigns since 2004, such as Sanders, Obama, Kerry, Dean, Debra Bowen, Jerry McNerney, Loni Hancock, and Pamela Price. Passionate about issues of social justice, single payer healthcare, campaign/election reform, and the environment, as well as CDP reform to bring about better representation from the grassroots.


November’s Blue Wave was great, but we are just getting started. It’s critical that we elect delegates who will challenge our elected officials to move past the status quo: our representation is only as progressive as the activists behind them! Many of our politicians, even the Democrats, are more interested in their power than the greater good, and are funded by the very groups (police unions, Big Oil, Big Pharma) that they should be fighting against. They need to be kept in check.

We have much work to do in the East Bay and in the state. Our justice system has no interest in reducing mass incarceration that is “New Jim Crow” which pushes so many into a lifetime undercaste; the Bay Area must lead efforts to survive the calamity of the now-inevitable climate crisis; our housing shortage and increasing homelessness — a Human Rights Violation according to the UN — is not being addressed; our failing healthcare system can only be solved through a single payer program. We need to fix our broken primary election system that left so many June-2016 voters disenfranchised, and push for ranked-choice voting and a public campaign financing to get our politicians weened from corporate dependence. In our Democratic Party, we need to bring these important issues into the platform, and cultivate new leadership to break the cycle of anointed, corrupt party leadership.

My background puts me into a good position to be delegate; I’ve served for 8 years (2005-2011, 2017-now). As part of the Progressive Caucus, I authored successful resolutions and contributed progressive ideals to the party platform. I also led a successful “No on 1A” campaign in 2009 that kept us from losing an important battle to the Republicans. Recently I was active in the Healthy CA SB 562 campaign, Pamela Price for DA campaign, a leader in the City of Alameda Democratic Club, and a co-founder of Alameda Progressives (part of Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution group). And many other campaigns before that!

It’s vital that the ADEM delegates be independent, not ordained by politicians! I hope you will support me and my independent EAST BAY UNBOSSED slate-mates — a diverse group of courageous progressives who are pushing for new progressive leadership in the Democratic Party — to replace the corruption of the last two years and who will continue to push the party in a progressive direction.

Austin Tam (Alameda)

Main issue: Disability Rights

Austin Tam is Community Developer staff of the Buena Vista United Methodist Church where he founded the Asian Pacific Disability Awareness Project. Living with a developmental disability, Austin has been been a champion for marginalized communities. He was a leader in the 2018 “NO on K Campaign” supporting renter’s rights in Alameda. He is Chair of the Asian American Committee for the Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC) in Alameda County. In 2018 Tam received the “Unsung Hero” award POCC and the “Social Justice Champion Award” from Assemblyman Rob Bonta.


My name is Austin Tam. I have been in the trenches fighting for disability rights for years and I need your vote to continue to make “the invisible visible.” I am running to bring greater awareness for we who live with the stigma of disability. I am the recipient of the Assemblyman’s “Social Justice Champion Award”, have been honored with the “Unsung Hero Award” (Alameda Behavioral Health Care Service Committee) the “Consumer Champion Award” (ABHCS) advocating for consumers with mental health disabilities, and was honored with the “Dedicated Service Award” by the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (POCC).

From the trenches, I can report that those living with disabilities have had no adequate voice in the political arena. Not only silenced, but we are prevented from living our full authentic lives. This is utterly unacceptable in the year 2018. As an ADEM I will unabashedly and unapologetically share my experience and wisdom to inspire others to speak out and develop programs that will materially change the experience of those who are invisible and unable to join the punishing culture and society in which we must live. We must share our muted voice and reclaim our authentic lives.

Andrea Luna Bocanegra (Oakland)

Main issue: Immigration Rights

Andrea is an educator, a businesswoman, mother, community organizer and activist. As a daughter of an immigrant and parent of a child with a learning disability, she will fight for Universal Healthcare, Medicare for all, Housing and Tenant Rights, Protections for Immigrants, Justice Reform, Tuition-Free College and trade school and Environmental Protection Policies. She is the chair for the Toler Heights Neighborhood Association in Oakland, District 7, is on the school board of St. Bede Catholic School, Hayward, and is on the board of the City of Hayward’s Chamber of Commerce. She was a translator and advocate for Spanish-speaking farm workers in Salinas.


My name is Andrea Luna Bocanegra. I am an educator, a businesswoman, mother, community organizer and activist. All these roles have helped shape my decision to run for a seat a seat as a Delegate to AD18. In these challenging times where we live in a political climate that divides more than unites, polarizes more than collaborates, I am committed to bringing together our communities for a common purpose to create economic and social dignity of all working people.

As the daughter of immigrants I value equitable treatment of all immigrants, documented or not. My experience in working with communities spans decades–at the age of seventeen, I began translating documents for Spanish speaking farm workers in Salinas, California. What started as translation evolved into advocacy by educating them on their rights and being a voice when they were unable to speak up for themselves.

As a mother to a child with learning disability I value the importance of education and ensuring access to tuition free college and trade schools for all, but especially working class families. Education is a priority for our family and so we have taught our children that access to affordable education is not a privilege, but rather a right. The return on investment on quality education means substantial gains for our communities, for it is these communities that are built by young people armed with critical thinking skills earned from a good education.

Environmental protections are an essential priority to safeguard the future of generations beyond our own. I’ve always thought that a youth recycling program that combines art and creativity done by and with youth in our community can create jobs, foster innovation and reinforce the value of education. Create apprenticeships that can further the work and message of recycling.

I am dedicated and passionate about giving a voice to those unable to speak for themselves. I am not afraid of speaking up for what I believe is right especially when I know that the rights of people in my community are being compromised. While I am in independent thinker II also bring experience in working with others who hold different views and seek resolution and build bridges when I can. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve in this capacity and am committed to working hard to create positive change.

Nestor Cuellas (Alameda)

Main issue: Worker’s Rights

Nestor is a Union Representative/Organizer for SEIU Local 2015, California’s Long Term Care Workers’ Union. He grew up under the military dictatorship in Argentina. He was part of the opposition movement until the country won its democracy back. He also served on the board of the Estudillo Neighborhood Association, as a commissioner of the Human Services Commission, and on the board of the TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) for San Leandro. He is committed to universal health care, access to affordable housing, quality education for all, and workers’ rights. He’s looking forward to moving the Democratic Party in the right direction and protecting working families.


My Name is Nestor Cuellas. I am an immigrant from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a father of 3 children.

I work for SEIU Local 2015, the California’s Long Term Care Workers Union, as a Field Representative & organizer.

I grew up during the military dictatorship in Argentina living without any social justice and human rights. I was part of the opposition movement to the dictatorship until we won the democracy back. Since I moved to the USA I was involved in the labor movement and in the political arena. At the same time working for the unions, I was involved in different commissions and boards of the city I lived previously, San Leandro.

I am a committed militant of universal health care, access to affordable housing, and education for all.

I am a strong progressive, independent and militant, and I am looking forward to move the Democratic Party leftward and protect working families.

Nina Moore (Oakland)

Main issue: Homelessness

For 20 years Nina has run Everett and Jones, Jack London Square, feeding the homeless every night at the close of business. The restaurant has cultivated career paths for those who would otherwise not find employment. She’s spearheaded toy drives, back-to-school drives, and Operation One Warm Coat. They’ve donated hot meals for the nonprofit We Lead Ours summer program and the 2016 Alameda Boys & Girls Club fundraiser. She’s marched with Jesse Jackson for affirmative action, Black Lives Matter for Oscar Grant, Freddy Gray in Baltimore, and Occupy Oakland. Associate for the ACDCC and alternate state delegate for the 2016 Presidential election.


My name is Nina Moore, I was born and raised in Oakland. I’m deeply rooted and invested in the well being of the residents in my district (AD18). My grassroots understanding of the current issues facing those in Oakland and Alameda County stem from those I employ at my family owned business, Everett and Jones and the customers who’ve patronized us in the 45 years we’ve been in business. My activist beginnings began at an early age; with my mother, Dorothy King a well known Oakland resident and homeless activist, who would take my siblings and I to political rallies.

In the 20 years I’ve successfully run Everett and Jones, Jack London Square, has only deepened my commitment to advocate for issues I see facing the community. In that time we’ve made it our mission to feed the homeless every night at the close of business. To further combat homelessness the restaurant and I have cultivated career paths for those who would otherwise not find employment and moved them through the ranks of our business, with an emphasis that we are a stepping stone so that you can better yourself and then pay it forward. It’s the hallmark of our employment practice.

My desire to be an agent for change has led me to march with Jesse Jackson at San Francisco State University for affirmative action, Black Lives Matter for Oscar Grant in Oakland, Freddy Gray in a Baltimore, Maryland and Occupy Oakland. I supported Bernie Sanders for president in 2016 because everything I marched for he believed in. Shortly thereafter, I was appointed an Associate for the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. In 2017/2018 I served as a delegate for the California state Democratic Party election.

Michael Fortes (Oakland)

Main issue: Equal Participation
Current Delegate 2017-2018

An administrative professional, a longtime participant in and supporter of the local San Francisco Bay Area music community, and a resident of the Bay Area since 2004. Michael actively participated in the 2016 presidential primary campaign season, served as a pledged at-large delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, served as an assembly district delegate to the California state Democratic party for the 18th AD during the 2017-18 term, and continues to raise awareness and encourage more young Bay Area residents to participate in the political process.


When I successfully ran as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2016, the importance and responsibility of the position was in the forefront of my heart and mind the entire time. Friends, neighbors, and colleagues I had gotten to know over the course of my 12 years residing and working in the Bay Area up to that time, and members of the community I was meeting for the very first time through canvassing and phone banking, were counting on me and all the other chosen delegates to represent their values and amplify their voices. Those values – among them health care for all, reducing income inequality, equal pay for equal work, safe and affordable housing, ending institutional racism, addressing the perils of climate change, getting money out of politics, and encouraging greater participation in the political process in the spirit of bottom-up governance – are as strong as ever. And the urgency of asserting and realizing those values is without a doubt on the minds of many of us, given the outcome of the general election in 2016, the mid-term election in 2018, and what this has meant for California and our community here in assembly district 18.

So, I am answering the call to continue representing the values of my neighbors, colleagues, friends and community members, as I run for a second two-year term as an assembly district delegate. And I ask for your vote so we can continue working together, in collaboration around the issues that matter most to us. Together we must continue the ongoing dialogue required to maintain a responsible, steadfast, trustworthy assembly district delegation to represent the needs and values of our diverse community, and I would be honored and humbled to serve as a delegate to this end on your behalf.

Kiisha Orr (Oakland)

Main issue: Early Childhood Education

Kiisha Orr has been a political junkie practically since birth, but she didn’t begin to volunteer with campaigns until 2014 when she was first introduced to The Incomparable Nina Turner. Upon that interaction Kiisha she fell in love with organizing. As a delegate for our district, she will support leadership and nominees who advance Democratic values in every region of our state. She will advocate for a platform that supports all Californians and defends the values of all Democrats, especially in those underserved communities. In closing, she will advocate for a DSCC that supports solidarity, inclusion, and growth.


I am Kiisha Orr, and I am running to serve as your Assembly Delegate (AD18), and would be honored to earn your vote. As an African American mother, it’s imperative that I speak up for Black and brown constituents that often feel marginalized and without a voice to have their needs heard by those in power. It would be an honor and privilege to engage and understand the district in its totality, ascertain some of the concerns that are universally shared, and act as a liaison for my community. This position will give me the opportunity to provide a different prospective, and a vote that will take into account a resolution that will represent and truly illustrate the needs of my Assembly District.

This is an exciting time to be a Democrat in Alameda County! I believe it is essential that our leadership be inclusive, diverse, and committed to new ideas and new people as that is what’s necessary to build upon our successes as a committee to bring in the grassroots, encourage more people to become active participants, and ultimately to achieve electoral success for Democrats. The members of the East Bay Unbossed offer that kind of leadership to District 18. I am so honored to be a part of The East Bay Unbossed, we are poised to not only capture the energy and enthusiasm of everyone, but also being able to relate to our revered seniors as well as addressing many other facets of concern for our newly registered voting generation.

Please vote for me and the entire East Bay Unbossed Team on January 27th.

Royl Roberts (Alameda)

Main issue: Community Empowerment

A Bay Area resident since 2004, Royl served on the Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC) and currently serves on the City of Alameda Disaster Council, City of Oakland- Violence Prevention Committee, the Board of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Center, as well as other Fraternal and Civic Organizations. He has BBA, MBA, and JD degrees. His goals are to promote Responsible Economic Growth, Sustainable Pathways Out Of Homelessness, Community Safety Through Responsible Policing And Community Empowerment and Leadership Through Environmentally Conscious Programs. Royl has the compassion and uprightness to represent those who may not have a voice to represent themselves.


My name is Royl L. Roberts, I am an Oakland resident. I have the knowledge, skill and ability to serve as your delegate for the California Democratic Party (AD18). Most importantly, I have the compassion and uprightness to represent those who may not have a voice to represent themselves. VOTE ROYL!

Lisa LaFave (Cysewski) (San Leandro)

Main issue: Healthcare
California Nurses Association
Current Delegate 2017-2018

37 years as a registered nurse and proud CNA (California Nurses Association) activist. As a fervent Bernie supporter and CNA delegate to the past two People’s Summits, her primary priority is Universal Health Care in California and enhanced Medicare For All nationally. She is a Chief Nurse Representative for her union at San Leandro Hospital and the Chair of San Leandro’s Professional Performance Committee working tirelessly to uphold strong union working conditions to ensure patient safety. Lisa is also committed to securing a living wage, affordable housing, free education, retirement with dignity, fighting income inequality and climate change initiatives.


My profession as a Registered Nurse and proud member of the California Nurses Association has had a profound effect on my world view and politics. I firmly support a progressive agenda as promoted by Bernie Sanders and Our Revolution. We must overturn Citizen United, get money out of politics and work to reverse our vast and growing income inequality. Within this frame work my primary goals are first and foremost Universal Health Care followed by Affordable Housing, Free Education, a Living Minimum Wage and Climate Change initiatives. I pledge to uphold these goals as I work to move the CDP back to it’s FDR roots and away from its failed centrist neoliberal policies.

Matt Hummel (Oakland)

Main issue: Green New Deal

After the “Ghostship” fire, Matt co-founded the Oakland Warehouse Coalition. He pushed the city to bring porta-potties and sanitation stations to homeless encampments. (Sadly, many haven’t been maintained in months.) It’s a health crisis and it’s a moral crisis. As Chair of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, Matt worked to develop new policies that genuinely serve our people. Government is supposed to be a tool that we the people use together, to improve all of our lives. Our whole relationship to government needs to be completely renewed.


Hello, thank you for considering me to be a delegate. I have worked as campaign staff for Jerry Brown, Barack Obama and Oakland Just Cause. I have served for nine years as a commissioner on Oakland’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission, the chairperson the last five. Prior to that I helped pass California’s renewable portfolio standard that has been updated to ensure 100% renewable energy by 2045. I am a strong advocate for public banking and will continue to fight for economic justice for all people.

I would be honored to get your vote. Thank you.

Lily (Laura) Kelly (Oakland)

Main issue: Income Disparity, LGBTQ

For ten years Lily was an organizer and program manager for environmental non-profits; today, she serves a large safety-net health center in Oakland as an administrator. Co-founded and co-organizes an Indivisible affiliate, “Refreshments and Resistance,” which has helped dozens of Oaklanders engage with local, State, and Federal policymaking in numerous ways, from regular calling of elected officials to canvassing in swing states. Having grown up as a queer woman in rural Florida, Lily appreciates the stark contrast between a state with conservative leadership and one with liberals at the helm. She believes that well-considered and data-driven progressive policies save lives, and help people thrive.


I am delighted to submit this application in support of my participation as a California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate. I am confident that my organizing and administrative experience will be of great benefit to the California Democratic Party, in particular during this turbulent time in our country’s history.

Throughout my professional life, I have dedicated my efforts to progressive causes. For ten years I was an organizer and program manager for environmental non-profits; today, I serve a large safety-net health center as an administrator. In all my work, I have sought to support those most in need, but with an honest awareness of my own privilege.

In addition to my professional work, I co-founded and co-organize an Indivisible affiliate, Refreshments and Resistance, through which I have supported many of my friends and follow Oaklanders as they increased their political engagement. We formed a community around shared values: affordable housing solutions for our most vulnerable Californians; strong and sustained action to minimize climate change; health care for all, including access to reproductive health services; reform of our judicial system with an emphasis on restorative justice as an alternative to incarceration; and humane policies that support migrants seeking a better life. Over the course of this year, many made their first phone call to their Senator, and several months later were knocking confidently on doors in swing states, and taking great pride in the success of the candidates that we helped elect.

I grew up as a queer woman in rural Florida, and I have seen the stark contrast between a state with conservative leadership and one with liberals at the helm. The difference between the segregation and hopelessness of my hometown and the strong public programs, vibrant organizations, and passionate culture of mutual aid in Oakland couldnt be more clear. While we still have extensive work ahead of us, the evidence shows that progressive policies save lives, and help people thrive.

I believe in the importance of government as a force for the protection and empowerment of all people, and I have been deeply inspired by the progressives who represent California at the Federal level as well as those who fight for us in Sacramento. I would be honored to be a Delegate of the party that has helped make their work possible.

Rabi’a Keeble (Oakland)

Main issue: Muslim Women’s Rights
Current Delegate 2017-2018

Masters degree in Social Justice and Religious Leadership from Graduate Theological Union, Starr King School for the Ministry. Graduate certificate in Islamic Studies and Africana Church. An RN for many years, a member of CNA. Started the Womens Mosque in 2017, first of its kind in U.S. Organizer/advocate for the homeless, for survivors of police violence. Steering committee, Poor People Campaign. Advisor for KALWs program for womens issues in Islam. Activist of the Year by the Wellstone Democratic Club, 2017 City of Berkeley Recognition Award for her work with Mentally ill, Muslim Chaplain at Eden Hospital, Author of Muslim Woman Bill of Rights.


The State of California has just started recovery from a devasting fire, that took lives, ravaged landscape and taxed the resources of many towns and places. We have had an ongoing drought, and everyday the homeless crisis grows and grows. Our government, local and state level, don’t appear to have any real answers or solutions for this problem. The democratic party itself has become increasingly unrecognizable as the party that once championed the social issues, stood up for the poor, and made sure that war wasn’t the only means of growing revenues. I have been an activist for some time, I have seen up close the lack of care for our citizens, the growing construction and steadfast lack of affordable homes and apartments. Oakland continues to be trashy, dirty and inhospitable to the least of these. We can do better, our district can do better. I valued my previous stint as a ADEM, understanding that my offical job was to endorse and attend conventions, I nevertheless continued to be involved with the homeless, working on important political campaigns and other issues close to my heart which protects women and young girls from the threat of FGM, female genital mutilation. Our most precious resource here in California is Californians. We must at all times take care of each other, we must make sure we have the mental health care, the education, and housing, and medical care necessary to keep everyone healthy and happy. I believe that we do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel, we have people in our communities who are smart, involved, resourceful, and engaged who can help this city steer itself clear of being included in such horrible statistics of having human rights violations. The UN findings were a glaring example of how deeply this city has sunk. Our beautiful Lake Merritt filled with heroin syringes. When I read that I got a lump in my throat, it’s so easy to not see the truth of what surrounds us when we don’t want to know. Oakland has a true underbelly of crime, and needs that go unaddressed, not to mention that we still have a police department that is being overseen by federal mandate, and that continues to cost this city millions of dollars for misconduct. That money could easily be spent on those who need it. I would like to have the honor of serving in this capacity again.

Mike Katz-Lacabe (San Leandro)

Main issue: Money Out of Politics
Current Delegate 2017-2018

An IT security specialist and Director of Research for the Center for Human Rights and Privacy, advocating for privacy rights, government transparency and for the curtailment of the surveillance state. Active in Oakland Privacy Working Group and the San Leandro Democratic Club. Eight years on the San Leandro School Board, including two as Board President. Previously, coordinated Berkeley Amnesty International group, worked with School of the Americas Watch and co-founded Derechos Human Rights.


The California Democratic Party needs delegates that will fight for a thoroughly progressive agenda, demand accountability from party leaders and elected officials and insist on transparency and fair play. In my first term as a delegate, I co-sponsored resolutions to establish accountability for police brutality, repeal Costa Hawkins, assert the human rights of Palestinians and have Democratic office holders reject PAC money. I voted to endorse the most progressive candidates for statewide office and as officers of the CDP. If re-elected, I will continue fighting to make the CDP represent the needs of all of its constituents and stand with the people, not corporate interests.

I am an IT security specialist and Director of Research for the Center for Human Rights and Privacy, advocating for human and privacy rights, government transparency and for the curtailment of the surveillance state. I’m an active member of Oakland Privacy and the San Leandro Democratic Club. I served for eight years on the San Leandro School Board, including two as Board President. I previously coordinated the Berkeley Amnesty International group, worked with School of the Americas Watch and co-founded Derechos Human Rights.

I’m also the father of two girls.

Cheryl (Cheri) Johansen (Alameda)

Main issue: Tenants’ Rights
Alternate on the Alameda County Central Committee

Johansen will fight for the Democratic Platform and hold the Party responsible to enact universal healthcare for all, end mass incarceration, adopt better policies to protect our planet, and safe and secure housing for all. “Cheri” Johansen is a passionate community activist, and grandmother to six. A seasoned campaign organizer, most recently working to defeat a corporate-money measure, K, to permanently reduce renter’s rights, and for the District Attorney primary for Justice Reform in Alameda County. Johansen is working with the California Nurses, CNA, for Universal Healthcare. She is a founding member of the Alameda Progressives (a chapter of Our Revolution).


The Blue Wave has hit the shore! Will we unleash its power to create a Future We Can Believe In, or will the momentum crash into the wall of status quo and be dissipated? Our liberal district is no utopia. We have homelessness, poverty, failed healthcare, an unworkable justice system, mass incarceration, and significant ecological and civil rights challenges. We must elect and nurture independent candidates with fresh approaches to meet our complex problems.

I am running as Delegate in AD18 to support candidates and a Party Platform to encourage:

Universal Healthcare, Medicare for all — I have been Regional Coordinator for SB562, lobbied Sacramento, and campaigned for Universal Healthcare.

Housing and Tenants Rights — In 2018 I successfully fought against real estate corporate interests as Field Coordinator for the No on Measure K campaign. I support the repeal of Costa Hawkins.

Protections for immigrants, minorities, and the most vulnerable — As co-founder of the Alameda Progressives, we successfully lobbied for Alameda to become a Sanctuary City. Alameda Progressives, an Our Revolution Chapter, sponsor a weekly Human Rights Vigil.

Justice Reform — In the June primary, I served as the Alameda Coordinator in the campaign to oust the status quo District Attorney. I support the audit of the Alameda Sheriff Department.

Environmental Protections — I support bold, effective measures to fight Climate Change, which include a drastic reduction in fossil fuel use, and incentives for the New Green Deal.

I have been a lifelong Democrat, organizer, and a seasoned activist, beginning with my Civil Rights and Anti-war protests in Boulder, Colorado. When I moved to Alameda, I joined forces with the California Nurses Association and became the Volunteer Coordinator for the CNA phonebank in Oakland during the 2016 primary. I serve as an officer in the City of Alameda Democratic Club, and I am an Associate on the Alameda County Central Committee. I think active, vocal, independent voices within the Party are the best way to enact the future we can all believe in.