AD19: San Francisco & San Mateo Counties

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

Voting Time & Location

Date: Sunday, January 13, 2019
Doors Open: 10:00am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:30am
Registration & Voting: 11am-1pm

Doelger Café
101 Lake Merced Boulevard
Daly City, CA 94015

Cross street: West Lake Park – Lake Merced Blvd. between Brotherhood Way from the north and John Daly Boulevard from the south

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

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Detailed Information

Alan Wong

I am a Union Organizer and Veteran. I advocate daily for the dignity and respect of workers. Since being elected as your Delegate two years ago, I have organized volunteers to defend the Affordable Care Act, protect jobs from outsourcing, and raise wages for Californians. I am running for reelection because I want to build a Democratic Party that will:

1. Reform our broken healthcare system to benefit people and not corporations;

2. Advocate for public education and defend schools from privatization;

3. Fight to make climate change and clean air and water a priority; and

4. Elect and hold accountable Democratic officials who represent our values.

About me: I was born and raised in the San Francisco Sunset Parkside neighborhood. I went to Hoover Middle, Lincoln High, UC San Diego, and University of San Francisco. I served my first year out of school as a Mission Volunteer to support at-risk youth in marginalized communities. In my second year, I prepared local communities for fires and earthquakes with the American Red Cross. I have served in the United States Army / California National Guard for over nine years and worked as a Union Organizer for the last six years.

I am endorsed by: State Treasurer-Elect Fiona Ma, Assemblymembers Phil Ting, David Chiu, San Francisco Supervisors Rafael Mandelman, Catherine Stefani, Supervisor-Elects Gordon Mar, Shamann Walton, and San Mateo Supervisor David Canepa.

Amar “A.J.” Thomas

I am running because I firmly believe that we must create consensus around progressive values in order for the party to hold our elected officials accountable. It was an honor to serve the Democratic voters of Assembly District 19 as a proxy-delegate to the 2018 California Democratic Convention. Witnessing all the work it took to develop consensus at the convention inspired me to run as a delegate this year.

I am a proud member-officer of IFPTE Local 21, where I serve as chair of our pension oversight committee and on the union’s political action committee to support pro-labor candidates. I represent Local 21 as a delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council, where I serve on the Public Employees Committee. I have dedicated my time at Local 21 and the SF Labor Council around progressive values that ensure San Francisco’s working people have a unified front against corporate greed.

Progressive values are deeply personal for me. Growing up, I listened to the stories of my mother’s family fleeing from persecution. This instilled in me a strong belief for protecting the rights of our nation’s undocumented immigrants, who come here seeking a better life. As the son of a lifelong blue collar union member, I am committed to the rights of workers to organize for fair wages. As the first in my family to graduate from college and then go on to obtain graduate degrees in law and political-economics, I know the value of a quality public education from pre-K through graduate school. As a longtime San Francisco renter, who has had to navigate archaic and confusing rent control laws, arbitrary rent spikes, and sparse rental markets, I am committed to easing that path for others. I volunteer as a counselor at the San Francisco Tenants Union and advocate on measures that will help house our homeless, and allow cities to make their own rent control laws. These life experiences have shaped who I am and why I am running to be your delegate to the California Democratic Party.

Many in our party share these values, but have not yet found a way to come together and implement the necessary changes. I commit, as your delegate, to build a coalition around these values, so that we can hold our elected officials accountable.

Benjamin Gonzales

My name is Benjamin Gonzales and I am seeking to be a delegate for the 2019 -2021 California Democratic Party representing the 19th Assembly District.

I have been involved in local politics for almost twenty years, starting as a Student Trustee for the San Mateo County Community College District and currently being active in local and regional electoral campaigns around the Bay Area.
This upcoming term is important, we are possibly going to elect a new Party leader next year and going to be having an early presidential primary in 2020, all while under a cloud of a presidency that has run a muck Due to the nature of California politics, the San Francisco Bay Area will be the center of the upcoming turmoil .

As a delegate, the only one thing that I can promise is that, I will keep true to my values when participating in helping create the Party Platform as that of someone born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula from a Filipino Catholic family, and also be open to have any conversation on how to make a stronger Democratic Party.

A discussion over lunch and coffee is always nice when trying to figure out what to do for the future of California.

Brigitte Davila

My name is Brigitte Davila and I have been an AD 19 District Delegate since 2016. I have advocated for accessible quality public education at the local, state and national level for my adult life. But, I am also a fierce proponent of affordable housing, single payer healthcare, environmental justice, increasing the electorate, ensuring civil rights, ending the criminalization of youth and protecting the rights of women, LGBTQ and immigrants. Ultimately, the key to achieving these objectives will be through advocating for fair campaign financing reform in our state. I would be honored to have your vote to push this agenda forward in the California Democratic Party.

As a first generation Latina student, I benefited from access to UC Berkeley for both my undergraduate degree and graduate degree. I have now taught Government and Policy classes for nearly 25 years in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University and I am a proud member of my faculty union: The California Faculty Association. I am also a former higher education representative to the California Teacher’s Association. I know firsthand that access to a quality education can change lives and I want to make sure that our Democratic Party reflects that value.

I currently serve as President of the Board of Trustees for City College of San Francisco. I worked hard on ensuring that City College remains accredited, that FREE CITY became a reality and that our City College keeps moving forward to provide a free quality education for every resident.

I hold a leadership position in the S.F. District 11 Democratic Club and I am a proud member of the S.F. Latino Democratic Club and the Harvey Milk Democratic Club. I am an alumna of EMERGE CA, an organization that provides women the skill set to run for office. I take my advocacy roles very seriously and it is my goal to support both democratic and Democratic principles for all.

Last, as a mother, a grandmother and a mentor to thousands of students, I have a deep investment in California and I want to ensure that our future is a fair one. I would appreciate your vote.

Dorie Cachuela-Paniza

I would like to thanks Senator Scott Wiener and Assemblyman Phil Ting to support me as a candidate of Assembly District Candidate. I’m a Fil-Am Democratic  Club of San Mateo County for 3 terms. I’m also a delegate last year. I have been attending conventions throughout the years. I’m a Daly City Arts & Culture Commissioner. Adviser of the Fil-Am Senior groups in the Bay Area. President of 6Beds. Inc of Northern Ca. (Residential Care Home Business).

Gabriel Medina

THANK YOU for electing me to be one of your delegates to the California Democratic Party for Assembly District 19. It has been a tremendous honor to serve for the first time as both a native San Franciscan and first generation citizen. As the product of our SFUSD schools, including Hillcrest Elementary in the Portola, where I grew up for 25 years, Aptos Middle School near the OMI where I have lived as a tenant for the last 6 years, and Lowell High School which gave me a top-rate education, I have always been a loyal advocate for public schools and teachers. It’s the least I can do for what they have given me.

My mother volunteered at my schools, full-time when between jobs and often part-time when she worked. But she could not vote to improve our schools, despite how dedicated she was to my education. This served as fuel for when I managed Prop N (2016), winning the right for Non-Citizen Parents to vote in our SF School Board elections.

My education, which includes City College of San Francisco and UC Berkeley, gave me the opportunity to work as an executive at an SF based tech startup as well as staff for the California State Assembly. But my career has been dedicated to public service. I have been working in nonprofits for almost 10 years, including the past 5 in the Mission for Development without Displacement which includes fighting for affordable housing, community serving businesses and equitable public education.

I have been a dedicated Democratic Party activist, from working as a Deputy Field Organizer for Obama’s 2008 campaign in North Carolina, to constant service on the board of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club, where I have been elected for 6 years. I have also been elected as Secretary of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party for the last 5 years. But my work and perspective remain rooted in equity and community in my time devoted as Treasurer for La Raza Community Resource Center, Board of the Mission YMCA and UCSF’s Community Advisory Group.

I believe in Strong Unions and will remain a champion for working families. My parents and brother were all members of SEIU locals 1000, 2015 as well as the old Local 790. I believe and WILL FIGHT FOR Abolishing ICE, Medicare for All, Reproductive Justice, a Homeless Bill of Rights and Repealing Costa Hawkins.

I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you again.

Kalimah Salahuddin

My name is Kalimah Salahuddin and I would be honored to represent AD19 as a delegate. I live in Daly City where I have served as a Board Member for the Jefferson Union High School District for 6 years and am in my second term. Last year I was inducted to the San Mateo Womans Hall of Fame. As a African American single mother to three adult children, one of them male, I am keenly aware of the privileges that have been afforded to me by my community as well as the challenges. This is why I serve. So that those that come after me dont have to struggle so hard to make it in the Bay Area.

I want to fight for a living wage, affordable housing, equitable education and universal healthcare for all so that citizens in my community can do more then thrive, they can live. They can be active in their childrens lives and active partners in their community.

As Californians we should be leaders in this area. However we lead the nation in childhood poverty and hunger. Our schools are under funded and it is becoming impossible for working class families to live in the Bay Area. We can do better and I want to be a part of that solution. I humbly ask for your vote for AD 19 Delegate.

Queena Chen

My name is Queena Chen. I’m running for a seat on the California Democratic Party Assembly District 19 as a member of the UniTING slate.

I’m a first generation Chinese American, born and raised in San Francisco. I attended Spring Valley Elementary School, Marina Middle School, and Burton High School. I lived in AD19 for most of my life; from Top of the Hill, to Crocker-Amazon, to Ocean Avenue. I was an appointed Delegate last term.

I’m running because I bring an unheard voice to the table. I co-founded the Rose Pak Democratic Club (RPDC) and I’m currently the Chair of the PAC. Growing up in an immigrant community, I understand the reluctance many in immigrant communities have when it comes to participating in politics. I want to help move the California Democratic Party in a direction that is more welcoming to immigrants, by having more language access to our party, which would make it more inclusive and reach people who normally ignore politics due to language barriers. The Democratic Party is the party of the people, so let’s include everyone!

I believe we should focus more on issues that affect everyday lives rather than political ideological stances. I believe everyone can agree that no one should sell or lose their home to pay medical bills, no one should have to choose between getting an education, eating, or having a roof over their heads. There are so many issues that bring everyone together. Issues can be solved if everyone comes to the table with an open mind.
It would be an honor to have your support for me and the

UniTING slate to serve as your Assembly District 19 Delegates.

Rob Chua

Rob Chua is a Filipino American community advocate from Assembly’s District 19. He cut his teeth as a community organizer on Daly City, California. He has worked on campaigns professionally throughout the state on local municipal and state races. He is a former aide to Assemblymember Phil Ting. He is currently an executive board member of the Filipino American Democratic Caucus of the California Democratic Party and the Filipino American Democratic Club of San Francisco. Rob is a Principal of Avenues Consulting, LLC., a full service government relations, communications, and campaign consulting firm.

Sam Manneh

My name is Basem N Manneh (Sam) and I will be honored to represent my Assembly District 19 to be your delegate. I have been an Assembly delegate since 2011, as well as a 2 time elected National Delegate in 2012 and 2016. The State Delegation is a great opportunity to learn and impact youths future and our future in general. I would like to continue representing Democrats from this district and Neighborhood. I served two years as Vice Chair of the Arab American Caucus and also a member of the Labor Caucus. I have been employed at SFO Airport for 22 years and help customers each day. I have also been a Union Steward for 20 years, assisting fellow employees with contractual and union issues. Also, I serve on the grievance committee with the local Machinists Union Local 1781. I currently serve a role as the San Mateo Parks Commission Chair in San Mateo County, and have learned to work with our county officials within Parks and Recreation.

I would like to continue serving my community and strengthen our party and continue learning from our state and local political elected officials at these conventions. I’m Looking forward to the upcoming year. Go Democrats.

Best Regards

Thomas Li

I was born and raised in this City, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. As a son of Chinese immigrants, I was discouraged from engaging in politics. But I believe that political activism and civic engagement are fundamental requirements for communities to succeed. Throughout my career, I have worked alongside fellow Democrats on issues such as housing affordability, access to health care, and quality education.

After graduating from San Francisco State University, I organized and registered young people to vote through the Chinese American Voters Education Committee. When President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), I worked at Covered California as a Public Information Officer to promote the ACA, helping uninsured Asian Pacific Islander families get enrolled.

No matter if it’s for registering voters or health care, I learned that the only way to change things is through organizing. From tabling at street fairs to canvassing door-to-door, I have organized and volunteered for Democratic candidates in San Francisco across 10 years and 10 elections. I am also very proud of my work as a community organizer that helped elect San Francisco’s first Asian American Mayor: Ed Lee. Mayor Lee’s story of growing up in public housing and his dedication to uplift immigrant families deeply resonated with me. Like Mayor Lee, I care deeply about our city and ensuring it remains a welcoming City. As Democrats, we must continue to fight to ensure our friends, diverse communities, and middle class families are not priced out of the Bay Area. We need to provide opportunities for everyone to succeed.

Today, I continue to be active in the Democratic Party and serve on the boards of Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club and the Edwin M. Lee Asian Pacific Democratic Club. I believe representation matters, that is why I work so hard to register new voters and elect qualified, diverse Democrats. I want to continue this work as a delegate for the California Democratic Party.

I am proud to have the support of Assemblymember Phil Ting and run with a diverse slate of candidates supported by him. I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you for your consideration.