AD20: Alameda County

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

Voting Time & Location

Date: Saturday, January 12, 2019
Doors Open: 9:00am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:00am
Registration & Voting: 10:30am-12:30pm

28870 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 95444

Cross street: Tennyson Road

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

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Your Progressive Candidates

Detailed Information

Kelsey Pressnall – EBoard Candidate – Fremont, CA
Vote for BOTH Delegate AND Executive Board

As the Chair of FUN Progressives for the last three years (a local activist group representing Fremont, Union City, and Newark), I have had the pleasure of hosting many amazing local and state leaders as guest speakers. I am running to represent you in the Executive Board position, because one guest speaker [Christine Pelosi, Chair of the CDP Women’s Caucus], said something that struck my core: “Democrats are in charge, so Democrats have to fix it!” We live in a state with the 5th largest economy in the entire world, and we have soaring inequality, a homeless and housing crisis, and a climate on the brink of catastrophe. Guess what Democrats? We’re in charge. We have to fix this.

Since 2016, I have been to every convention and E-Board meeting and I am proud to currently serve as the Treasurer of the Veteran’s Caucus. My true political love is local politics and grassroots campaigning. My shining achievement is my work with the advocacy group RISE which fought for renters’ rights in Fremont, leading to the current non-binding Rent Review Board. As the FUN Chair, I have mobilized progressives for local grassroots candidates and I am proud of the progress we have made in a short time.

My main goals as your Executive Board Representative would be: Endorsing and campaigning for candidates who have a proven record of commitment to our values and fighting for the working class through racial, economic, and environmental justice, not taking money from special interests, supporting a living wage, empowering unions and workers, and putting our planet first. Second, we need to clean-up the mess in our state party and elect stable leaders who will be inclusive, transparent, and work to build a party with a table big enough for all of us to sit at. Third, it is critical that we build a big bench of young politicians with political courage who can carry the torch of the hard work the generations before of us have done and bring the Democratic Party’s legacy to bold, new places.

Cullen Tiernan – Veterans Caucus Chair, Fremont

I would be honored to continue to serve as your delegate from Assembly District 20. Since the last election, I’ve attended every meeting of the California Democratic Party and have been elected Chair of our Veterans Caucus and our E-Board Representative.

As Veteran Caucus Chair, we have held joint meetings with the Arab-American and Disabilities Caucuses and created a sub-committee dedicated to bringing home Deported Veterans.

I’ve also been humbled to serve as Congressman Ro Khanna’s Delegate to our Alameda County Central Committee. There, I’ve helped push for greater transparency, and I’m happy to report that our meetings are now documented on Facebook Livestream.

In Fremont, I’ve now lead two clean-money campaigns for City Council. Both on platforms that are unapologetically Progressive on every issue. Our last campaign earned the 4th largest amount of votes in the city, but due to our district election system, we did not earn one of the 4 seats available.

Please consider voting for me, and the other progressives running, so we can continue to ensure we have an elected voice in party politics.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Soldiarity,
Cullen Tiernan

Mimi Dean – Returning Delegate – San Lorenzo

My name is Mimi Dean and I am a San Lorenzo USD educator of 30 years, sustainable farming and living advocate, Berniecrat, and member of the AD 20 People Powered Progressive Slate.

I believe in creating strong communities, where folks come together, help one another, and work for the common good. I live and work in San Lorenzo and I am deeply rooted there, serving on the Eden Area Food Alliance and growing organic food and relationships in our community garden.

I am a lifelong environmentalist and I believe we need to address perhaps our biggest challenge- climate change-now. We must be sure Californians do everything in our power to promote and implement sustainable living.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Our People Powered Progressive Team is up for the challenge.

Harris Mojadedi – Union City

My name is Harris Mojadedi, and I humbly ask for your vote to serve as a delegate from AD 20.

As a life long Democratic activist, I have served our party in various capacities, serving as a founding member and executive board member of the American Muslims & Friends Democratic Club. I have also served as an executive Board member of our local Democratic club, Tri Cities Democratic Forum.

The Democratic Party is in a crossroads, we need new voices that reflect the diversity of our party. My top priorities as a delegate are to ensure transparency, reform the selection process for statewide officers, and support medicare for all.

Democratically yours,

Barisha Spriggs – Ashland

As an African-American woman, I would be honored to serve as your delegate for Assembly District 20. Since 2017, I have attended all California Democratic Party Conventions and most other California Democratic Party Executive Board and Region 5 meetings. I have been chosen as a proxy for the 2018 convention and have been active with the Renters Caucus on the affordable housing issue. Last convention, I worked closely with my Assemblyman Bill Quirk on legislation to make incorporation easier for unincorporated areas to create true democracy, and local governance via AB 2491. I am also interested in joining the African American Caucus.

I’ve been proud to serve as an Associate Member of our Alameda County Democratic Party’s Central Committee. As part of the committee, I’ve been active in supporting progressive issues and resolutions. I am currently a co-author of a resolution to be approved in our January meeting.

As a political organizer for the last 5+ years worked on important union campaigns such as funding for California Public Schools and Community Colleges (Yes on 30/55), saving pensions for public employees (supporting Michael Bilsbury), Protecting union jobs and public services (No on 32), funding for public transportation, ‘Fight for $15 to get $15 state minimum wage, and more.

I’ve lived in unincorporated Ashland California for 25 years. Ashland is a majority minority area which has been underrepresented. I’ve been active in with our Alameda County Supervisor advocating for progressive policy decisions and local governance with the Eden Area Livability Initiative Governance Leadership Team. I have advocated with this team and it has lead to the approval of The Eden Municipal Advisory Council, which is scheduled to be implemented soon. I have been in several leadership positions with local Ashland organizations over the years including; Ashland Community Association; Alameda County Arts Commission – Ashland Cherryland Community Identifier Project Ashland-Cherryland Vice President – Safe Ashland Neighborhood Association; San Lorenzo Library Advisory Commission Member; Ashland Community Center (Hayward Area Recreation and Park District) Board of Directors Advisory Council.

Abhinav Arora – Fremont

Countless Americans face systemic issues that can and must be addressed through grassroots political action. Growing up in California, I have seen rampant corruption in our political system ensure that the working class continues to be unrepresented within our government. I believe that my insight as an Indian American, a gay American, and a young member of the Democratic Party has enabled me to view our politics through a fresh lens and effectively fight for social and economic justice.

Effective grassroots and political organizing is the key to fighting for our bold progressive agenda and I have continued to fight for these values as Vice Chair of the “Fremont, Union City, and Newark Progressives” (F.U.N.) This position has allowed me to tackle pressing issues affecting vulnerable populations within our city. Throughout the past few years, I witnessed my home of Fremont, CA be overrun by rampant development, overwhelming our infrastructure and accelerating gentrification. Our mission at F.U.N. is to bring new voices, fighting for responsible development and clean money campaigns, into our local, state, and federal governments.

As an ADEM, I will tirelessly fight for campaign finance reform, a Green New Deal, single-payer healthcare, universal Pre-K, tuition free public colleges, Social Security for All (Universal Basic Income), and putting an end to private, for profit prisons.

I would be honored to have your support, so we can continue to fight for our bold progressive agenda that will prioritize people over profit.

In solidarity,
Abhinav Arora

Marwa Abubakr – Fremont

As both a student and educator I have been given the unique opportunity of a multifaceted experience of gaining from and serving my community. As a political science student, I’ve gained insight on issues that impact myself and countless millennials, I support free/debt-free college tuition, universal basic income, and younger democratic representation. As a literacy tutor for an underrepresented Oakland elementary school, I’ve seen the impact of socioeconomic and racial inequality firsthand, I care deeply for social/economic/racial justice. As an Afghan-American woman, I’ve seen far less than proportional representation and would love to become a voice for my community.

My name is Marwa Abubakr and I ask for your support in serving as your delegate for Assembly District 20. The Democratic Party is in need of fresh thoughts and new voices. Voices that reflect our progressive values with regards to healthcare, prison reform, education, the environment, etc. I will advocate for single-payer healthcare, universal basic income, the New Green Deal, and criminal justice reform amongst other progressive platforms. I humbly ask for your vote as we pave the way for a new Democratic Party, one that truly embodies our base and principles.

Fred Morrison – Returning Delegate – Hayward

Political discussions were common place in the home I grew up in -especially when my Dad’s colleagues or professors applying for teaching jobs (often from other countries) would join our family for dinner. My Dad was the Social Science Dept. Chair at Minot State College in North Dakota. As a philosophy professor, my Dad was always open to discuss any issues; but instead of giving us an answer he would challenge our thinking about what’s best for others or the bigger picture, and would avoid an authoritarian answer. I was the oldest of 6 kids. Not surprising, we were all Bernie supporters without us confiding with each other.

My Mom was also politically active and has a Nuclear Missile Silo in North Dakota named after her. She was part of a group of women who called attention to all the Nuclear War heads stationed in North Dakota ready to launch toward Russia. So I can’t help being politically involved. I’ve voted in every election starting with the 1962 midterms. I protested against the Vietnam War and every unnecessary war we have engaged in since.

I am a veteran of the North Dakota Army National Guard and a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with my M.Ed in Counseling Psychology from the University of Arizona. I am a good delegate because as a practicing Psychotherapist I know how to listen to all sides of an argument and support equitable solutions.

Some issues that motivate me to continue as an ADEM delegate:
1. Support the Green New Deal! Prevent Climate Catastrophe
2. Promote a complete audit of all facets’ of the US military Industrial complex with a goal to reduce the military budget by 50%
3. Single Payer Health Care.
4. Tax reform that repeals the recent tax cuts for the super wealthy and go back to a progressive tax code where people and corporations who have more pay more.
5. Criminal Justice Reform and outlaw For Profit Prisons that are inherently a severe conflict of interest. The Profit motive incentivizes longer sentences and no real rehabilitation. (I worked in a prison for 18 months.)

If elected I plan to continue in the Progressive Caucus, join the Veterans and the Disabled Caucuses (I’m fluent in ASL and see Deaf people and people with Disabilities in my Psychotherapy Private Practice). Currently I’m active in the Hayward Area Democratic Club Executive Board, Clean Money Campaign, Therapists for Single Payer (local), PNHP, and I support a number of progressive causes.

Miki Nakamura – Co-Chair of the Organizational Development Committee – San Lorenzo

Hi, my name is Miki Nakamura and I would love to serve as a delegate for AD 20 representing San Lorenzo, CA. I am a queer Japanese American and am currently serving as a delegate and Executive Board Member for the California Democratic Party. I am also one of the Co-Chairs for the Organizational Development Committee and am responsible for approving and overseeing charters for the California Democratic Party. I am an acupuncturist by trade, a violinist in the Community Women’s Orchestra in Oakland. the only all women run orchestra in the US, and a basketball player. I am part of the new energy, ideals, and enthusiasm that has come into this party and would love to continue to be a part of it. I will continue to push for Medicare For All, Climate Justice, and keeping money out of politics. I will also continue to push for candidates that serve the people and not the oligarchy, and keep current representatives accountable. Thank you for letting me serve as your delegate and representative, and I would appreciate your vote in confidence.

Frank Burton – Hayward

The Democratic Party is the only game in town worth working with, and it must return to its roots as the Party of the People.

I will work for these reforms if I am elected to represent you from Assembly District 20:

  • We are the party of the people, not the corporations.
  • We are the party of organized labor, the middle class, and working families.
  • We believe healthcare is a basic human right, and the quickest way to implement it is through Medicare for All, also allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with Big Pharma.
  • We believe the top 3 funders of all political ads must be clearly revealed, expanding the requirement in CA’s DISCLOSE Act.
  • We believe carbon from burning fossil fuels is responsible for catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate, including exacerbating wildfires and record hurricanes in the 21st Century. We believe the Carbon Fee and Carbon Dividend proposed by Citizens Climate Lobby is a key solution–the sooner the better.
  • We believe every person deserves affordable housing, and the Legislature must address it, balancing between regional needs and local control, since few local jurisdictions have been successful in creating affordable housing.
  • We believe PG&E is directly responsible for most of the wildfires in its area, fires which have killed dozens of people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. We believe PG&E must be held accountable by our Legislature, rather than being sheltered by the Legislature from the consequences of their focus on exorbitant profits and executive pay over safety. They must be forced to make safety their top priority, and if that can’t be done, they must be broken up. If they’re too big to go bankrupt, they’re too big, period.


The voters are in no mood for the Legislature to turn wildfire liability of the profit-centered utilities over to the CPUC, which has had a cozy relationship with the utilities for years.

  • Volunteer history: I’ve formed a MoveOn Council, then was appointed as a Regional Organizer, then Lead Regional Organizer. I’ve successfully fought fracking in Alameda County and a gun club in a regional park, and was appointed to the Steering Committee leading to an active Community Choice Energy operation in Alameda County. I was appointed in 2017 to Hayward’s Task Force to revise the nineties-era Anti-Discrimination Action Plan, and also co-chaired its Subcommittee on Community-Police Relations.
Amy Brooks – Fremont

I am running for CADEM Assembly Delegate in District 20 to hold our new Democratic super-majority accountable. The voters of California have entrusted our Party with a sobering amount of power, so we have a responsibility to use that power to benefit all of our people. Keeping money out of politics is critical if we want to free our representatives and enable them to make important decisions on the merits. If we can do this, California has a historic opportunity to lead the nation to practical solutions for our biggest problems: climate change and universal health care. There is other important work, too: ensuring every child has the opportunity to get a good education (K-through-college), and adults are able to support their families and work with dignity. The next two years should be a time of action and productivity, focusing the Democratic energy and momentum we saw in the 2018 elections.

Justin Sha – Fremont

I am a proud millennial fighting to make a difference for all stakeholders in AD20 and the East Bay. Having passed the California Bar, I currently work at the Oakland City Attorney’s Office, and I teach business law as an adjunct professor at Ohlone College. This past November, I ran for local office in Fremont’s most competitive City Council race; I received the highest vote count of any Democrat eligible for the ACDP endorsement. My top issues are single-payer healthcare and universal basic income. I believe in harnessing technological progress to benefit the People, not corporate profits. I self-identify as a cisgender gay Asian American, and it is important to me that all voices are represented and heard.

Dolly Adams – Returning Delegate – Castro Valley

It would be my pleasure to serve as a delegate for the 20th Assembly District. As a Special Ed. teacher at Redwood Continuation High School in Castro Valley, I represent the Union and serve on the CVTA executive board (Castro Valley Teachers Association) as member-at-large. I was recently appointed to be a member on the CV MAC (CV Municipal Advisory Council). I have served as a delegate for AD 20 for the last two years, attending and voting at all the conventions, and prior to that I served as an alternate delegate. I was president of the CVDC (CV Democratic Club) for two consecutive terms, and I am the current treasurer. I work within the club on numerous issues including education, environment, voter suppression, local candidate endorsements, elections, and community outreach. I’m an associate member of the ACDCC (Alameda County Democratic Central Committee).

The critical issues of our time are climate change, affordable health care for all, affordable college, and the plight of blue collar workers. The cost of health care and college are destroying the middle class. Quality inclusive public education and strong unions are important to our democracy. My concern for climate change goes back to my love of facts and science (Nat. Hon. Soc. Member). I strive to enlighten blue collar workers that the partys policies are in their best economic and health interests.

I have worked as a political activist for 20+ years.

In 2016 and 2018, I supported local Democrats (Nate Miley) and progressives (Kimberly Ellis), and pro-union school board members. I have aided Democratic candidates in CDs 10, 21, 22, and in other states (Cortez-Masto in NV). It is important to remember that the platform and the work Democratic Party in California is strong and progressive. California should be a leader for the rest of the nation and I ask for your vote so that we can continue to lead.