AD24 - San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

Voting Time & Location

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019 / Sábado 26 de enero de 2019
Doors Open: 10:00am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:15am
Registration & Voting: 10:45am-12:45pm / Comienza la votación 10:45 AM – Hacer cola por 12:45 PM para votar

Hillview Community Center
97 Hillview Avenue
Los Altos, CA 94022

Cross Street:
S. San Antonio Rd

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

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Your Progressive Candidates

Self-Identified Female:
  • Sally Lieber
  • Margaret Okuzumi – Vote for both Executive Board & Delegate
  • Andrea Reyna
  • Maria Guadalupe Rosas
  • Elsa Schafer
  • Linda Sell
Other than Self-Identified Female:
  • Eitan Fenson
  • Stewart Hyland
  • Johannes Muenzel
  • Alex Nunez
  • Reza Soltanzad

Our slate uniquely represents the Democratic Party’s base, and its future. We’re the most diverse slate in terms of age, geography and socio-economic range, the only slate that includes union members and the most representative of the working class of our District. Latinos have been historically underrepresented in our District delegation; three of us are Latino and five of us speak Spanish fluently.

We come from communities that are particularly vulnerable when our government is controlled by authoritarian-loving demagogues supported by oligarchs. We have track records as organizers on the ground fighting for housing, for clean air and the environment, for healthcare, civil and human rights, the dignity of work, and for democracy.

We’ve got serious street cred in facing up to powerful, monied interests. We’re deeply connected to key constituencies that the party needs to mobilize to get to the ballot box, which we believe will only happen if the party advances a progressive and popular agenda. We need to mend the disconnect between what the people want and what elected officials do.  We support:

  • Justice for all: Black Lives Matter and reform of the criminal justice system
  • Guaranteed healthcare for all: Meet everyone’s needs by expanding “Medicare for all” to replace the profit-driven, inefficient private insurance industry.
  • Housing as a human right: Protections for renters against gentrification and displacement; build public housing
  • High-quality public education: Make public colleges & universities tuition free, lower student debt, adequately fund public education; universal childcare
  • Reverse the growth of massive inequality by structuring the tax code to have the wealthy pay their fair share
  • Adopt a Green New Deal for 100% renewable carbon-free energy
  • Protect democracy through campaign finance reform and move to public funding of elections
  • Advancement of humanistic immigration laws, welcoming refugees, abolishing ICE

Nuestro grupo de candidatos representa la base y el futuro de el partido Democrático. Somos el único grupo que incluye miembros de unión y representa la clase laboral de nuestro distrito. Somos el grupo con mayor representación y diversidad en demográficas de edad, clase, y geografía. Históricamente hablando, la representación política de los Latinos ha sido limitada. Por eso esta lista la verdadera lista diversa, la prueba está en que tres de nosotros somos Latinos y cinco de nosotros hablan Español.

Originamos de comunidades particularmente vulnerables hacia un gobierno que es controlado por demagogos autoritarios que reciben el respaldo de oligarquías. Nuestros miembros vienen con una trayectoria de organizadores que han luchando por el derecho de viviendas; por un medio-ambiente y aire limpio; por cuidado de salud accesible; por los derechos humanos y civiles; por la dignidad de los trabajadores; y por la democracia.

Nuestra credibilidad en la lucha contra los intereses impulsados solo por dinero existe sin dudas. Estamos integrados en nuestras comunidades y representamos demográficas que son necesarias movilizar en las elecciones próximas. Creemos que esta movilización solo es posible con un agenda popular y progresiva. Es necesario reparar la desconexión entre la gente y las acciones de los representantes en el gobierno.


  • Justicia por todos: Black Lives Matter y reforma de nuestro sistema de justicia criminal
  • Cuidado de salud garantizado por todos: Sostener las necesidades de todos con expansiones al programa
  • Medicare y desalojar la industria de seguros de salud con los servicios criticos
  • Viviendas son un derecho humano: Protecciones de inquilinos contra la gentrificación y desalojo; construcción de viviendas publicas
  • Educación pública de calidad alta: Rendir servicios gratuitos para los colegios y universidades públicos; reducir la deuda estudiantil; proveer servicios gratuitos para guardería de niños
  • Luchar contra la desigualdad con un sistema de impuestos que asegura que los más afluentes paguen aportaciones justas
  • Un programa de trabajos y fondos para procurar nuestra energía de recursos 100% renovables
  • Protección de la democracia con reformas hacía la financiación de campañas electorales
  • El avance de leyes inmigratorias que respetan los derechos humanos; el cuidado y respeto de refugiados y la abolición de ICE


Por favor vote por Margaret Okuzumi

para delegado y junta ejecutiva

y estas 6 otras mujeres y 6 hombres.

Detailed Information

Sally Lieber

State Assemblywoman (Ret) and Nonprofit Leader

I believe in working hard for progressive change. As a City Councilwoman, Mayor and State Assemblywoman and as a lifelong Democrat I have seen the critical need for our Party to stand up to amplify the voices of people in need, to speak for the environment and to overturn injustices.

In the Assembly, I led the successful fight for a higher statewide minimum wage, authored new laws to combat human trafficking and empower survivors, and enacted new laws to ensure that polluters pay for climate damage and are held accountable for cleaning up our air and water.

Now it is time to work together to make the California Democratic Party the best, most inclusive, most effective volunteer and progressive political force in all 50 states. The critical elections of 2020 are coming and we’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference for equality, for reversing our climate crisis, prioritizing schools over prisons and ensuring the dignity of women, immigrants and people of all abilities. Together we can!

Margaret Okuzumi – Vote for both Executive Board & Delegate

Incumbent E-Board Rep
Co-chair, Bayshore Progressive Democrats

As your current E-Board rep I’ve worked to de-mystify the party, bring new folks in, help delegates and activists connect with each other and navigate the party to get things done. I’m known for my organizing and campaign work both locally and statewide particularly on environmental issues. As an officer for the California Democratic Council and co-chair of Bayshore Progressive Democrats, I’m working to build infrastructure to facilitate grassroots development of progressive policies and to help monitor and influence our legislative progress toward implementing our party’s goals and platform.

Ten years ago, I helped co-found the Democratic Club of Sunnyvale, and in 2014 I received the prestigious Madge Overhouse Volunteer of the Year Award from the Santa Clara County Democratic Party. I was an elected delegate to the 2016 DNC Convention for Senator Sanders. I’m a trained facilitator and mediator and have mentored many new activists.

Our country desperately needs a Democratic Party that knows what it’s for, not just what it’s against. A party that connects with the knowledge, talent, and wisdom within our ranks to stand effectively with the oppressed and create a world that works for everyone. I’d be honored if you’d re-elect me, Margaret Okuzumi as your E-board rep and delegate.

Andrea Reyna

Public school teacher
California Teachers Association PAC board
CADEM committee co-chair

As a public school teacher and an officer in my union, the California Teachers Association (CTA), I’m known for my dedication to working families. I teach middle school students English and Reading. Through my students, I see the effects of inhumane immigration policies, high cost of living, depleted public education resources, and the trauma of living with an uncertain present and future.

My involvement in politics is extensive. I am an elected member of CTA’s PAC board serving a statewide role. In that role I work to increase the voice of minority groups in the political process. I was appointed to the DSCC by Senator Kamala Harris. Furthermore, I serve on the California Democratic Party’s Executive Board as well as a co-chair for the Credentials Committee. In the 2018 election cycle I worked on statewide and local campaigns from serving as a surrogate for Governor-elect Gavin Newsom to advising campaigns for school boards.

I believe it is critical that the California Democratic Party’s leadership reflects the diversity of our state. I am a Latina and first generation college graduate and professional. Like many in my generation, I carry substantial student debt due to an underfunding of California’s higher education system. Our state can and must do better to make the California dream realistic and accessible to its residents. From re-invigorating pre– through-university public education to healthcare for all residents, California can do better.

I’m running to represent my community of East Menlo Park where I have lived for over 7 years. My community has changed a lot over this time. I’m sensitive to the struggles that families face due to rampant gentrification. I’m eager to represent the needs of my community.

Vote Andrea Reyna for delegate!

Maria Guadalupe Rosas

Business Rep/Union Organizer
Community Organizer

I am a mother of three beautiful, well-educated young adults. I’m an organizer for OPEIU and in the past I have been a community organizer for People Acting in Community Together and Peninsula Interfaith Action, a Union Field Representative for SEIU 1021 and before that, an organizer for SEIU Local 2007. In those roles I was involved in bargaining and member representation, providing guidance on issues regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and National Labor Relations Act.

In 2010, I helped local members of the community to create and lobby legislators to pass AB 353 (Cedillo). This bill helped a lot of immigrants who were not allowed to get a driver license. It restricted police officers from impounding vehicles for a 30-day minimum as long as the only offense was driving without a license and a licensed driver can claim the vehicle.

I’ve been very involved in housing issues and fighting displacement of low-income people in Mountain View. I call success a world where people of all backgrounds are allowed the opportunity to achieve greatness.

I have been working to improve my community and if I’m elected as a delegate I will continue to work on improving my community with dignity, passion and commitment.

Elsa Schafer

Co-Chair SMCDFA’s Election
Integrity Task Force; DSA; CCL
Bernie Delegate to the DNC
AD-22 ADEM Delegate, ’17-‘18
Work in healthcare reform/HIEs

I am a lifelong Democrat and care deeply about engaging in the political process to uphold basic fair, humane values. As a Delegate to the 2016 Philadelphia DNC and CADEM this past two years I am struck by the caliber of the deep bench we enjoy in California, and just need to work toward getting the best people in office. I would be honored to continue working on fuller understanding, clearer communication of, and better outcomes for those fundamental social, economic, racial and environmental justice issues we strive to uphold.

My priorities are for:
– publicly funded elections at a much lower level of spending,
– universal healthcare – Medicare for all,
– humane civil and environmental rights, and
– equal opportunity for education, income and housing.

I’ve led voter registration, candidate tabling, canvassing and phone banking efforts for Democrats here, canvassed and phonebanked in the Central Valley, and in/for other State candidates, and am a member of SMC DFA (co-chair Election Integrity task force), VEOAC (citizens advisory group for the Voters Choice pilot in SMC), Common Cause, the National Voter Corps, CCL (Citizens Climate Lobby).

Linda Sell

Executive Board Member, Sunnyvale Democratic Club
Co-chair Environmental Committee, Silicon Valley Democratic Club
Co-founder of a Local Environmental Non-profit Organization

In my service to the community over the last decade, I have been committed to advocating for a healthier environment, supporting education, and bringing people together to effectively work to improve our community.

As devastating wildfires have sweep across our state, the need for action on climate change is immediate and urgent. This year over several months, I worked with volunteers across the state collecting thousands of signers for petitions and gathering organizational endorsements in support of SB100, the bill that will set California on the path to 100 percent clean energy by the year 2045. This year the SB100 bill passed the Assembly and Governor Brown signed it into law.  This bill’s passage will help reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change.

Maintaining excellence in our schools prepares students for bright future and makes our communities desirable and great places to raise children.  Over the last decade, I have served on an educational foundation and in leadership positions on several steering/campaign committees. Those efforts have resulted in much more resources being invested into instructional and enrichment programs in the local schools.  

I have served in many leadership roles and organized hundreds of volunteers over about 10 campaigns.

If elected as your ADEM delegate, I will look forward to working together with the community and the other delegates on issues that will lead to positive outcomes for all in our community.  Thank you so much for your consideration and the opportunity for me, Linda Sell, to earn your vote.

Eitan Fenson

Executive Director and co-founder, Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC)
Co-Director Indivisible South Bay
Board President, Fools Mission

Like all of us, I care deeply about the precarious state of our civil society and am aware of dangerous threats to our shared values and principles. My experience co-founding and running the Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC) has infused me with energy and ideas for how to advocate for tactics and strategies that will help bring us back from the abyss and promote and implement Democratic values and policies. I’m running for AD 24 delegate to be part of this important work. The huge success of 2018 DVC campaign activity needs to permeate all State Party campaign activity.

Most important is an inclusive and diverse Democratic community. We must learn to embrace and work with others who do not necessarily agree with us on all issues, but who do value the common humanity of even the most powerless and vulnerable among us. Our message to voters must be unambiguous about respect for human dignity, whether in the workplace or in public or at home, across the diverse spectrum of humanity. As Michael Connelly writes in his Harry Bosch novels: everybody counts, or nobody counts.

In addition to my strong affiliation with the DVC, I serve on the board of Fools Mission, a 501(c)(3) community organization based on friendship, supportive compassion, and respect for our differences. We build solidarity among people from all walks of life, including all levels of access to wealth andprivilege, through witness, accompaniment, the arts, advocacy, and education.

I’ve also served with Amigos de las Amèricas for the past 16 years. AMIGOS is a 50+ year-old Houston based 501(c)(3) organization that provides immersion experience for youth throughout the Americas.

I’m also active with Transition Palo Alto and Santa Clara County Move to Amend.

I can’t leave out my identity as a Silicon Valley technologist. My experience and expertise as an engineer, manager, executive and entrepreneur has been extremely important in my activism, particularly in leading the DVC.

The theme for me is celebration of our common humanity and the promotion of multicultural connections among us. The more the word Democrat (with a capital D) is identified with the values we share rather than our myriad differences, the more power we will wield in creating a just, moral, healthy and sustainable society.

Stewart Hyland

Community and Union Organizer
SEIU Local 2007 – Higher Education Workers

My name is Stewart Hyland, I am the son of Hugh and Wilma Hyland, high school sweethearts from Lincoln Parish Louisiana. I was raised in the missionary Baptist church. As a young adult I studied Buddhism and in 2017, after 33 years, joined my wife by converting to Catholicism. Not because we raised our children catholic, but mostly because of the universality of our parish and the respect for cultures: we at St. Francis are African American, Asian, various Latino and Pacific Islander communities; predominately Mexican and Tongan respectively.

The last 21 years I have been a union and community organizer primarily in the city of East Palo Alto and San Mateo and Santa Clara counties on affordable housing, land use, juvenile justice intervention and immigration. In 2008, I, along with so many others, enthusiastically began working for then Sen. Obama. I paid for an airline ticket to fly to Philadelphia to canvass Alder wards around Temple University. My Brother President, was no radical and yes, in 2010-12-14-16, we failed to elect a congress that would push him and support a progressive agenda.

Here we are, at the fulcrum of change in the most populated, economically powerful state of the union; ready to provide foundation for visionary (not reactionary), lasting progressive solutions. I want a piece of that. Please support my life’s work and the next chapter, with your vote of confidence.

Johannes Muenzel

Co-chair Silicon Valley DSA

My name is Johannes Muenzel, and I am running for re-election as your delegate to the CA Democratic Party. I’m a democratic socialist who helped build the Silicon Valley chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and am running with the chapter’s endorsement. I’m most proud of our work to protect Mountain View rent control (Measure V) against the landlord-funded ‘sneaky repeal – we helped delay the vote by two years. In 2017, we fought for California Medicare-for-all single-payer healthcare (SB562). Millions of Californians are underinsured or uninsured, but Democrats in the State Assembly stood idly by when their Speaker blocked the bill. We have so little time to end our reliance on fossil fuels, and to prevent deaths, displacement, and deportations. We need Medicare for all, housing for all, and the abolition of ICE and borders. Will the Democratic Party rise to the occasion?

Alex Nunez

Co-Executive Director Mountain View Thrive

If elected as a delegate for AD-24, I will dedicate my time, efforts, and voice to the representation of economically stressed families and individuals suffering in our community.

In my time working for our Democratic Party causes, I’ve helped advance a truly Progressive agenda that delivers meaningful results towards a more equitable society. My participation in groups like the Peninsula Young Democrats, Mountain View Thrive, Cafecito and campaigns include:

· Successful organization of inter-state volunteer groups to deliver Washoe County in Nevada to the Progressive candidate in the 2016 presidential primaries
· Representation of young people’s needs during the successful Fight for $15 campaign to increase the minimum wage across Santa Clara County in 2014/2015
· Successful defense of tenant just cause eviction laws from landlord lobby-organized attempts to weaken protections in 2018
· Successful passage of Measure P in Mountain View to require contributions from wealthy corporations that relieve resident tax burdens for needed infrastructure upgrades

More than anyone, economically at-risk and marginalized individuals need of a Democratic Party that delivers equitable outcomes in housing, health, & economic opportunity. If elected, I’ll do all I can to act as a bridge that keeps our Democratic Party from leaving us behind.

Reza Soltanzad

Young Democrat/ Activist

California has always been on the cutting edge of political progress, but its leaders have always been beholden to special interests. If a progressive vision of America is to become a reality, California needs to lead that charge and take consistent, truly progressive stances on all issues ranging from battling climate change more vigorously to creating a state-wide (and eventually nation-wide) Medicare-For-All system.

I am a recent graduate of Santa Clara University, having majored in political science and communication. I have studied politics from a theoretical, academic perspective, but want the chance to create the change that so many of us want to see. In the fall of 2016, I was a refugee resettlement intern with the International Rescue Committee in San Jose, helping newly arrived refugees adjust to their new life here in America. I acted as a translator and assisted refugees with filling out governmental forms and signing up for various programs such as MediCal and Social Security. I also assisted them in their job search. In the fall of 2017, I interned for the National Iranian American Council in Washington D.C. as a Foreign Policy and Outreach intern. In this capacity, I was responsible for attending various events around Washington D.C. related to Iran-US relations and posting articles summarizing the events on the NIAC website.

In 2016, I was galvanized by Senator Bernie Sanders’ message and cast my ballot for him in the primaries. I am dedicated to the progressive platform that we must adopt as a Party if we are to truly be the part of the working and middle classes. I would like to see the Democratic Party adopt and endorse Medicare-For-All as a part of the domestic healthcare reform platform, endorse the Green New Deal as the strategy to combat climate change, and call for tuition-free public colleges and universities. Overshadowing all of these proposals is the fight to keep big money out of politics. Our politicians should not be allowed to receive campaign donations from corporations and the rich and powerful in exchange for political favors that impede our progress. I am currently active in the Silicon Valley Young Democrats. My voice is an independent one, I stand with my fellow community members, and hope to be a voice for all in AD24.