AD41 - Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

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Voting Time & Location

Date: Sunday, January 27, 2019
Doors Open: 10:00am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:30am
Registration & Voting: 11:00am-1:00pm

UFCW 1428
705 W. Arrow Highway
Claremont, CA 91711

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.


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Your Progressive Candidates

Tina Fredericks

Software Engineer

Una Lee Jost
Nonprofit & Small Business Attorney
Maro Kakoussian

Community Organizer

Julie McKlune

Retired Teacher

Pamela Casey Nagler

Retired Teacher

Mindy Pfeiffer

Retired Teacher

Marguerite “Peggy” Renner

History Professor

Sam Berndt

Climate Activist/NASA engineer

Mike Boos


Steve Gibson

Fiction Writer

Rick Jordan

Retired Teacher

Robert M. Nelson

NASA Scientist

Jason Schadewald

Software Consultant

Jordan Vannini

Small Business Owner

Your Progressive Executive Board Candidate

Vote for Delegate AND Executive Board Rep.
Robert M. Nelson

NASA Scientist

Detailed Information

Robert M. Nelson

Educational Background

  • B.S. Physics. City College of New York, 1966
  • M.A. Astronomy Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
  • PhD. Planetary Astronomy University of Pittsburgh
  • Post-doc. National Academy of Sciences Resident Research Associate, JPL


  • Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
  • Senior Research Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, retired


  • Husband of Marguerite ‘Peggy’ Renner, Professor, Glendale College, Grandfather to Chance, Annika, Ava and Grace
  • Columnist, Pasadena Weekly

Founding Member:

  • Pasadena Foothills Democratic Club
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Progressive Democrats of America
  • The Planetary Society
  • President, Pasadena Foothills Democratic Club 1993-1995
  • Lead Plaintiff, Nelson et al. vs. NASA, A Supreme Court case involving 28 JPL employees who sued the
  • US Dept of Justice to stop background   snooping into the private lives of federal employees
  • Member, Northeast Democratic Club, Arroyo Democratic Club, Foothill Democrats, Democratic Club of Claremont
  • Past Memberships, IATSE – B-183, AFT-2, AFT-3414 AFL-CIO
  • Chairman Southern California Federation of Scientists 1980-2000
  • Co-Author of the study, ‘Nuclear War in Los Angeles’, 1982
  • Radio Show Host, KPFK-FM, ‘The Wizard Show’, 1980-1998
  • Pasadena Utility Advisory Commission, 1990-1996
  • Delegate for Reverend Jesse Jackson to Democratic National Convention, 1988
  • Addressed 1988 Democratic National Convention on ‘No First Use’ of Nuclear Weapons policy
  • Pasadena Campaign Director for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign
  • Delegate for Governor Jerry Brown to Democratic National Convention, 1992
  • Delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders to Democratic National Convention 2016
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Southern California American Civil Liberties Union, 2012- 2016
  • Lunch Counter Sit-In Demonstrator for the Congress of Racial Equality 1959-1963

Articles of Relevance that appeared in the Pasadena Weekly:

  •  Little Men and Big Lies-March 14 2016
  •  Tuition Free Higher Education- Not a Radical Idea- April 24, 2016
  •  Tragedy, Farce, Delusion and Fascism Jul 21, 2016
  •  Saving Science, Feb 9, 2017
  •   Be Careful What You Wish For Nov 29, 2018
Tina Fredericks

It’s been an honor serving as delegate of AD 41 in 2017-2019. I’m a second generation Chinese American. My mother went to UC Berkeley when CA  public colleges were tuition-free. I’ve lived in Pasadena with my husband and two girls for 8 years. I’m a former public school math teacher. I was a stay at home mom for 8 years and a small business owner for 3 years. Currently I’m a software engineer. Since 2016, I’ve worked on a dozen Democratic campaigns, beginning with Bernie Sanders until the 2018 campaigns for Katie Hill and Gil Cisneros. My first action in supporting Bernie was driving to Las Vegas with my then 8 year old knocking on doors. I’ve hosted dozens of phonebanks, canvassing, and volunteer meetings. I became the President of Democrats of Pasadena Foothills in 2018 – doubling its membership. I wrote a letter to the CA Senate Health Committee in support of SB 562 Healthy CA Act and got 25 delegates to cosign the letter. As a renter and member of Pasadena Tenants Union, I worked with retired people on fixed incomes, young people struggling to make a living, and long-time residents experiencing steep rent increases.

Those midwest Democrats who voted for Obama twice and voted for Trump in 2016 are not racist – they desperately need a party that fights for them. They need a party that fights for policy that improves their lives in an economic way.  This party needs to actively grow its base. More people of color. More working families. More. Young. People. A Bold Platform is the answer to Trump and a sustainable model for Democrats to lead the country into the future. If we are to save the planet in 12 years, status quo with some tweaks is not going to cut it.  

Taking back the House in the 2018 midterms should be a testament to our great potential. That if enough of us try, the impossible becomes possible. Americans are waiting to find out what the Democrats are fighting for. Let’s not wait for 2020 to give them an answer. My top priorities for 2019-2021 are supporting rent control/just cause eviction, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and passing the Schools and Communities First Act to bring billions of dollars to public schools and social services.

Let’s forge a brighter, bolder future for the Democratic Party.  I ask for your vote. Thank you.

Una Lee Jost

Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.

Una Lee Jost is a Pasadena-based attorney, serving the legal needs of CA nonprofit organizations and small businesses. The daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, she attended public schools in Arcadia and Claremont, studied Biology and Ethnic Studies at UC Riverside, and received her law degree at Loyola Law School in 2001.

Since 2016, Una has been honored to work alongside dedicated advocates, organizers and leaders on grassroots campaigns on issues such as: healthcare justice, election integrity, indigenous rights, immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, tenant rights, public education, public banking, climate justice, and homeless rights.


  • Steering Committee member, Progressive Asian Network for Action
  • Faith leader, LA Voice (affiliate of PICO CA, part of nationwide Faith in Action)
  • Legislative Advocacy Chair, PTA Board of local PUSD school
  • Board member, Christian Legal Aid of Los Angeles
  • Member, National Lawyers Guild, Democrats of Pasadena Foothills, Democratic Socialists of America



I want to help create a society that that puts human rights over property interests to reflect the dignity of all people. The bylaws of the U.S. Democratic Party calls for individual and political freedom in a framework of ‘a just society and ‘meaningful participation by all citizens. I believe this means the Democratic Party must base its activity on input from workers and partners on the ground. Loving our neighbors has to start with hearing their voices.

As Dr. King proclaimed in his historic 1967 “Beyond Vietnam” speech:

“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society.

We need to do so now more than ever.

The goals I hope to work towards in the coming year include:

  • mobilizing against the climate change crisis to preserve our planet;
  • creating an inclusive economy with equity and abundance for all;
  • ending racist oppression of immigrants and indigenous peoples;
  • ending punitive justice and mass incarceration;
  • ending military and police aggression; and
  • reforming our electoral system to secure the vote in coming elections.


I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you!

Maro Kakoussian

Maro Kakoussian is a grassroots organizer in the greater Los Angeles area where she works on issues ranging from oil and gas extraction, climate justice, sustainability, racial and economic justice, and immigration. Maro was activated as an undergrad when she began volunteering for the Proposition 37 ballot measure which would’ve required the labeling of genetically engineered food. Since then, she’s served as the primary outreach coordinator for the statewide Proposition 67 campaign  the Plastic Bag Ban Referendum, and as primary outreach coordinator for Senate Bill 424 the Environmental Literacy and Science Education Act.

Maro served on the Green Campus Action Plan Committee at UC Riverside and as Co-President of UCR’s Chapter of the Life You Can Save. She is a member of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and currently serves as the VP of Legislation and Issues for the Democrats of Pasadena Foothills. She studied Spanish at Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and speaks fluent Armenian. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of California, Riverside.

Julie McKune

Our government is not adequately meeting the needs of our citizens. Again and again headlines inform us that healthcare costs are increasing, many families are facing bankruptcy, college grads are drowning in decades of debt, charter schools are defunding our public schools, and toxins found in our food and water are harmful. American people are turned-off by corruption, mass incarceration, and detention of immigrant families. We need to have democratic control of our government by the people and for the people.

I joined the struggle in the spring of 2015, and it’s been Activist 101 for four years now. My days are filled with volunteering, phone banking, canvassing, tabling at local events, actions, marches, rallies, conventions, candidate forums, registering voters, writing letters to the editors, reading/researching, and donating to candidates who are running on a platform of  justice. Today’s candidates are not the usual career politicians. Some are teachers and scientists that are pledging to represent working families not the billionaires. They campaign on justice: racial, social, economic, and environmental justice! They talk about getting dark money out of political campaigns, ending corporate welfare, and taking collective action to gain power in our workplaces and communities.


Issues I support:

Medicare for All

  • Tuition-free/Debt-free Public Colleges and Universities
  • $15/hr. minimum wage
  • Racial justice
  • Environmental justice/100% renewables

My educational background includes a B.A. degree in Liberal Arts at CSULB and a California Teaching Credential.  I taught 35 years as a Public School Teacher.

My civic engagement/participation/volunteering:

  • Member of the League of Women Voters, Education Committee
  • Observer at Pasadena Unified School Board Meetings
  • Democrats of Pasadena Foothills
  • Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Los Angeles
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Pasadenans Organizing for Progress
  • Member of the Pasadena Tenants Union
  • Member of the Democratic Socialists of America
  • Member of the American Civil Liberties Union
  • PEPPEG (Pasadenans Empowering Participation in Education
  • Our Revolution
  • Brand New Congress
  • Volunteer -Sierra Madre Community Nursery School
  • Volunteer -Bridges tutoring program  


I ask for your vote, thank you, Julie McKune.

Pamela Casey Nagler

I am a retired public high school art teacher, former small brick and mortar business owner, and independent scholar/ author researching the history of the foreign occupations of indigenous Southern California 1769-1860.

After teaching for twenty years in a socio-economically disadvantaged mega-high school located in one of our segregated neighborhoods, I became convinced that we can build a better California that supports all of our populations. We need to address income inequality, food instability, homelessness and issues surrounding incarceration that target poor communities. We need to strengthen our neighborhood public schools, and we need to provide better pathways to citizenship. Right now,there are too many families separated by borders.

I am pro-public K-12 education and pro-tuition-free higher education. We need to get back to California’s 1960 Master Plan for Education, which meant that, essentially, anyone from anywhere in California could, if they worked hard enough, get a bachelor’s degree from one of the best universities in the world, almost free of charge.

People ask me where the money is going to come from. My answer is we need to cut tax loopholes for corporations, trim the military budget, and yes, pay a little more taxes to get more benefits – and that means Medicare for All. I do not believe that a consequence of getting sick should be bankruptcy.

I love California, was born here, grew up on an orange grove, went to public school. I want to build a California that does not work for just some of us, but a California that works for all of us – and not just us – but for our children and our children’s children. It’s time to address climate change, ban fracking, pass legislation that supports clean water and clean air, and protect our agricultural farms and natural environments – our deserts, forests and beaches. We need to invest in renewable energy systems. Supporting renewables means jobs – good jobs – and a way to stay competitive in international markets.

We can’t wait for incremental change. Our children cannot wait for incremental change. The time is now.

Mindy Pfeiffer

My name is Mindy Pfeiffer, and I am running for Assembly District Delegate in district 41. For the past two years I have served as an alternate delegate, and have attended The Democratic Party State Convention each of those years. I am a lifelong Democrat, and I proudly voted for my first presidential candidate, George McGovern, in the early 70’s.  My late father was a member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Editor’s Guild, and as a special education teacher of 35 years, I was a proud member of the Arcadia Teachers’ Association (ATA) and the California Teachers’ Association (CTA).  I am also a member of the ACLU. Currently, I am serving as co-president of the Washington Square Neighborhood Association. I have been active in the Democratic Party and the political process for many years.  I have walked my precinct to get out the vote, phone banked across the country for Democratic candidates, canvassed in my neighborhood and surrounding areas, and talked to people while handing out information about Democratic candidates at various farmers’ markets.  In addition, I have written opinion pieces which I submitted to local papers and signed petitions for Democratic causes, as well as donating as much money as I was able to various Democratic candidates and to causes that are important to Democrats.  Finally, I also worked as a poll worker in both the primary and general election for several years, doing my best to make sure that people were able to vote.  I am running for ADD because I am concerned about many of the issues facing all of us.  In particular, I am very concerned about climate change, and what we can do to combat it.  Other issues of grave importance include, but are not limited to, what the future will hold for the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Social Security, as well as public schools, immigrants, minorities, and women.  I feel it is my civic duty to do whatever I can to fight for the rights of everyone, which certainly includes all of the above, and more than I can list in this short summary.  In conclusion, I hope that I have presented myself in a way that will allow me to count on your vote.  Thank you. 


Marguerite “Peggy” Renner


  • Democrat since 1968, when old enough to register
  • History professor at Glendale College
  • The grandmother of four wonderful grandchildren who deserve an earth that is beautiful and has not been destroyed by climate change.


Political Background

  • Founding member of the Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills
  • Secretary and President – Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills
  • Organizer – Rainbow Coalition-Jesse Jackson campaign-1988
  • Activist – Obama for President, 2008-2012
  • Activist – Bernie for President – Pasadena
  • Campaign activist for Hillary Clinton for President, Fall 2016
  • Campaign activist – 6 Democratic candidates in California for Congress 2018
  • Instructor of  ‘Civics for Today’ tutorial for Democratic campaign workers


Professional Experience

  • Chair – History Department at Glendale College, 1993 – 2016
  • President-Western Association of Women Historians, 1983-1985
  • Executive Director-Coordinating Council of Women Historians, 1985-1997
  • President-Academic Senate -Glendale College, 2000-2004
  • Member-IMPAC, Academic Senate of the California Community College


Community Experience

  • Officer – AFT locals 3414 and  2276
  • President-Board of Directors of Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association
  • Block captain-Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association
  • Second Vice President Historical Society of Southern California
  • Past member-Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women
  • Activist in Pasadena Neighborhood Network
  • Member, Northeast Democratic Club, Arroyo Democratic Club, Foothill Democrats, Democratic Club of Claremont



 I want to help to shape the Democratic Party’s response to our losses in 2016 and victories in 2018, to build a progressive platform. This includes:

  • Support for the right to a $15/hr. minimum wage
  • Respect for diversity, for all Americans regardless of where they were born—as seen in the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Political power for all citizens—and an end to voter suppression efforts
  • Support of women’s right to control their bodies—reproductive rights
  • Campaign finance reform and the break-up of the banks
  • Protection of our planet by ending dependence on fossil fuels
  • Tuition free education in the country’s public colleges
  • Reversal of the voter suppression that plagues the elections in so many states
  • Prison reform to reduce the numbers of people incarcerated


This means grassroots organizing of the many groups and organizations now working on these issues.


Sam Berndt

I grew up on the outskirts of a small town in West Michigan, a son of two local entrepreneurs. The economy collapsing in 2007 caused a downward shift in our socio-economic status.

Until the 2016 election I had little interest in politics. That was when Bernie Sanders inspired me – he spoke about and proposed solutions to the real issues in America. How when you bring people together, there is nothing you cannot do.

I later moved into a cooperative, Bowie, which was part of a larger housing cooperative consisting of 17 houses. When deciding who would take the various house jobs, the director position was initially passed over with little interest. At that moment it hit me: if I was to ever stand where my mouth is, I needed to step up. I took the opportunity and immediately sought after the sustainability fellowship. I created the sustainability committee and the green energy initiative for the purpose of pushing the organization towards carbon neutral. To do this, I gained the support of the community and local energy utilities to reduce energy consumption throughout the cooperatives by 15%, and begin the process of installing a 6kW solar array.

After finishing a master’s degree in computer science I obtained a full time position as an augmented reality developer at NASA JPL and quickly worked my way into the energy-working group. Though I was new to the area I still felt as though I wasn’t doing enough. This was when 300 young people with the Sunrise Movement committed a direct action at Nancy Pelosi’s DC office demanding a Green New Deal (GND). I found my purpose.

I signed up to host my first ever direct action to demand that Rep. Judy Chu sign onto the GND. After having the support of 30 members of the community, weeks later I received the call that Rep. Judy Chu signed on.

Following the success of other local leaders, we decided to start Sunrise LA, which quickly grew to become one of the largest Sunrise Hubs in the nation.

For now, I can see no better method to save the world from climate change than for Congress to support the GND. However, we are held back by the party establishments so willing to sacrifice the lives of future generations in an effort to maintain the status quo. If congress as is is unwilling to take the actions necessary to defeat climate change, then somebody needs to step up and make the change. I need your help. Let’s do this together.

Mike Boos

I was born and raised in California, as were my two daughters who attended public schools in Claremont. My oldest is now a mental health researcher at UCSF while my youngest attends UC Berkeley. I am Facilities Director for a 19-acre campus with a $12 million annual budget that employs over 270 people. I am also a practicing musician, artist, writer, adjunct faculty at a local university with a Doctorate in music and experience teaching in both public and private schools.

I am a lifelong Democrat. As a child, saw JFK speak and walked precincts with my mother for Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern. I was reawakened by the Electoral College victory of Trump in 2016. I became deeply involved with our local Indivisible and Swing Left chapters, marching, writing postcards, sending texts, penning many letters to the editor, and knocking on hundreds of doors in CA-39 and CA-49.

I am currently on the leadership team of Indivisible Claremont/Inland Valley as Facilitator and liaison with Senator Portantino’s local office.

The path forward for Democratic success is a progressive one. Issues like Medicare for all, Social Security expansion, climate change, education, campaign finance, social justice, voting rights, gun control, and income inequality, when properly framed, are winners for us. I agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she says it is time for the Democratic Party to “come home” to the policies that built a strong and vibrant middle class, and brought our nation the longest period of sustained prosperity we have ever known.

While I am an unapologetic progressive, my 62 years have taught me to be strategic. I believe the issue of campaign finance looms over all future progressive electoral and legislative success, Issues like climate change and healthcare are indeed existential imperatives, but campaign finance reform is the headwater from which progressive reform flows.

It is an issue that will resonate with a majority of Americans, Democrats, Independents, and many Republicans as well. Pressing this issue will flush out the wealthy corporatists, the oligarchs, the defenders of patriarchy and so-called “free market” capitalists.

California must continue to show the rest of the nation how progressive governance through the Democratic Party is the path to sustainable prosperity. With your help, I look forward to being a part of this effort.


Steve Gibson

Democratic activist since Jesse Jackson 1988. Officer of Democrats of Pasadena Foothills Club. Published author of 20 fiction and academic books, including an academic book about international ethnic conflict. Operating to update followers on news about future elections.

Every Wednesday for two years I have tabled at the Altadena Farmers market registering voters and educating visitors on California political challenges. In 2016 and 2018 I worked on national and local Democratic campaigns, including calling voters, knocking on doors, registering voters, writing postcards to voters, and visiting local elected officials to support bills in Sacramento and Washington.

If elected, I will push for:

  • Universal tuition-free higher education
  • Medicare for all
  • A Green New Deal
  • Getting money out of politics
  • An end to the death penalty
Rick Jordon

If you support single-payer health care, tuition-free college, the $15 minimum wage, and equal protection under the law for all Americans, regardless of their income or pedigree, then you and I are on the same page. Additionally, I strongly believe that we must find a way to remove the corruptive influence of money from our electoral system, and if we don’t start paying  serious attention to the threats of climate change, we won’t have to worry about politics at all!

In 2016, I joined a group supporting Bernie Sanders. For 11 months, I did tabling for him until the California Primary took him out of the running. I voted for Hilary in the general election.

I was elected to be a delegate representing AD 41 and then attended both of our recent state Democratic conventions where I vigorously supported progressive candidates and issues.

I am also a member of the Pasadena Foothills Democratic Club, and  I am an active member of a couple of local groups of progressive Dems . I have done phone banking, canvassing, and have proudly marched in solidarity with women in the streets of Los Angeles. Most recently, I co-hosted a voter registration table at the Monrovia Street Fair.

Being a progressive Democrat no longer cast you as a member of a fringe group. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans support the issues progressives stand for: affordable health care for all, a living wage that will support families and fuel the economy, equal treatment and protections for all citizens, and maintaining the environment for future generations. All  truly American values that must be pursued until implemented. That is what I pledge to strive for if you see fit to vote for me as your delegate.

On a personal level , I teach an adult wood shop class one night a week, sing and play my guitar in local open-mics, and volunteer with the Musicians on Call organization that brings the healing power of music to hospital patients. I also have nine wonderful grandchildren who keep me happily busy.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it has provided enough information to win your support.

Jason Schadewald

There’s a detrimental trend in political circles and in the media wherein we focus on what’s wrong and what makes us angry or fearful. So, let’s not do that. Instead, let’s talk about how we can restore hope to this country and how we can work together–as individuals and as a party–to solve the great social challenges of our generation. To that end, our Democratic party, our platform, and our candidates must dedicate themselves to building Justice into every aspect of our society: climate justice, racial justice, economic justice, healthcare justice, educational justice.

As Democrats for Justice, we must end the school to prison pipeline, pass Medicare for All, abolish private for-profit prisons, implement a Green New Deal to reverse climate change, create Green Jobs, and convert our military-industrial complex into a healthcare-education-climate complex. We must withdraw from wars of imperialism and conquest. We must expand voting rights. We must reimagine our police force and our criminal justice systems, purge them of known white supremacists, and convict officers who murder unarmed civilians. We must fully fund our public school system, increase teachers’ pay, and stop blaming poor school performance on anything other than the regressive policies that continually punish poverty. We must legalize rent control, build lots of new *affordable* housing in every California city, and offer public housing that sets a high quality of life standard.  We need to establish a living minimum wage, which should be at least $20 in Los Angeles County. Perhaps most importantly, we as delegates and community members must engage and organize our neighbors to be informed, to be active, and to hold our state and local elected representatives accountable to do the jobs we elected them to do.

The good news is that all of our goals have been accomplished to some extent somewhere in the world or sometime in history. Our goals are achievable, and we can achieve them in our time with our hard work. We can solve the problems of hate, of racism and prejudice, of inequality, of corruption, and of environmental sustainability because we have no other choice but to solve them. The time has come for an age of justice, a kind and peaceful justice that recognizes our shared humanity on our shared planet.

Let’s shape our party in that image.

Jordan Vannini

My name is Jordan Vannini and I am running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate in AD-41 where I have lived since 1982.  As a lifelong Democrat I have worked in national and mid-term election cycles since 1980. My activities include voter registration, canvassing, phone banking at the SEIU and California Nurses Association, GOTV campaigns, erecting yard signs, staffing information booths at farmers markets, carpooling elderly and disabled voters, and a rotation as a local Block Captain. I am current President of my Neighborhood Association and an active participant in local affairs. I am a lifetime member of the ACLU and Common Cause.

Today I am ready to continue and increase my commitment to my community as a State Delegate. I am asking for your vote. For 40 years I have worked in the local construction economy starting as a common laborer. I understand the meaning of hard work. Today I am a senior project manager. In my role on public works projects I have negotiated union hires for local residents and have promoted minority and women-owned businesses. Every day I work with people from many cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Many of my co-workers are immigrants. Without them we could not be who we are today. These working people embrace the opportunity to achieve a better life through honest hard work, asking nothing more than a door of opportunity and a fair and level playing field. Their efforts embody the great ideals of our Republic. I am running for re-election as an ADD because I see the opportunities for average people under siege from a reactionary political elite funded by unlimited donations that have smothered civil dialog. This right wing political faction seeks to divide working people on the basis of race, religion, class, and gender. These divisive policies threaten the safety of our communities, the environment, our health care system, our education system, our entitlements, and access to a balanced judicial system. I am seeking an opportunity to shape the public dialog to better address our collective needs, not just those of powerful campaign contributors. With your help I can take continue on that journey. Thank you.