AD46 - Los Angeles County - Van Nuys, Studio City Areas

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

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Voting Time & Location

Date: Sunday, January 27, 2019
Doors Open: 10:00am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:15am
Registration & Voting: 10:45am-12:45pm

State Building Auditorium
6150 Van Nuys Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91401

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

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Your Progressive Candidates

Felicia Carbajal

Community Organizer and Cannadvocate

Vanessa Carr

SFV Field Representative and Young Activist

Colleen Evanson

Current Delegate, Children’s TV Writer, Union Member, Community Organizer

Judith Klapper

Current Elected Delegate, Progressive Activist, Photographer

Elise Moore

Justice Reform Advocate and Elected Delegate

Mimi Strauss

Progressive Activist/AD 46 Delegate

Stacy Tapia

Classroom Aide and Math Tutor

Reza Kermani

Community trauma and general surgeon

José Navarrete

Former DNC Delegate and Hospitality Receptionist

Jason Peart

Tax Attorney and Writing Tutor (826LA)

Jon Pelzer

Activist & 2018 Congressional Candidate

Nick Roth

Writer, Teacher, Community Organizer

Cliff Tasner

Artist/Activist. President of ADA SoCal

Steve Veres

Educator and Public Policy Advisor

Your Progressive Executive Board Candidate

Vote for Delegate AND Executive Board Rep.
Cliff Tasner

Artist/Activist. President of ADA SoCal

Detailed Information

Cliff Tasner

I am the President of the Southern California chapter of Americans for Democratic Action. I have served as an ADEM since 2012.

I have been an activist my entire adult life. I got my start in politics in 1984, working on the Mondale/Ferraro as an intern for the Massachusetts State Committee while I was a student at Tufts University. When I moved out to California in 1987, I got involved with Clinic Defense, the people keeping women’s clinics open in the face of aggressive assaults by the extremist anti-choice organization, Operation Rescue.

I marched and protested throughout the ‘90s and then, in 1999, I joined the board of Americans for Democratic Action of Southern California, serving as chair of the Endorsements Committee and the Secretary until 2014, when I became President of the chapter. I also serve as Secretary of the National ADA. ADA is a Left/Progressive organization founded by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1947.

I am a composer of film music who devotes much of my creative energies to being an artist/activist – creating songs for the movement.  Since 2000, I’ve been writing and producing the songs for the political satire street theater group, The Billionaires.  Last year, I wrote and produced a series of animated music videos for the California Nurses, explaining how a Single-Payer system would better serve our state and our country.

I am on the Political Committee of Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians as well.

If we hope to create a sustainable, just world where we finally address Climate Change and implement Medicare for All, we will need to end the Democratic Party’s reliance on donations from corporate interests and build a Progressive Populist Democratic Party that can energize our base and take back our country! That effort has to start right here in California!

Felicia Carbajal

My name is Felicia Ann Carbajal, and I’m a proud native Californian. I’m fourth generation Mexican American with Central Valley roots. I’m a 15 year resident of Sherman Oaks, and I love the diversity and values of our district.

I have two decades experience in grassroots organizing in both the LGBTQ and cannabis communities. As a young adult I became involved in Prop 215: The Compassionate Use Act. I married my same-sex partner in 2008, and after the passage of Prop 8, I became involved in the Marriage Equality movement with the Courage Campaign. Currently, I am a cannabis organizer focused on creating an equal, fair and just industry for communities impacted by the War on Drugs.

As a life-long Progressive, I believe in Medicare for all, a living wage, criminal justice reform, and protecting our environment for future generations.  We need stewards like myself who are unafraid to call out corporate interest — and the current status quo — for wrong doings. I promise a bold approach at maintaining our beautiful progressive California. I look forward to serving the 46th AD as delegate.

Vanessa Carr

My name is Vanessa Janae Carr and I am running to be your next Assembly District 46 Delegate. District 46 deserves a strong and effective voice to represent our district’s progressive values and I believe that I can bring that to the table. I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley by my mother, who immigrated to the United States from the Philippines, and my father, who grew up in racially segregated Jackson, Mississippi. My upbringing and life experiences are certainly not unique as they echo the stories of so many other Californians who work hard, do good, but unfortunately, still come up short in the end. This is why I am so passionate about serving as your next Delegate.

I share many of your life experiences- struggling to find affordable housing, worrying about college debt, and managing expensive healthcare costs. This is why we need bold leadership to make sure we enact measures and elect leaders that will make our lived experiences a priority. As a young activist, I have a proven track record for not only supporting, but also working alongside progressive organizations and elected officials like the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats, the Black Los Angeles Young Democrats, Congressman Mike Honda, Congressman Ro Khanna, and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian.

As your next Delegate, I will advocate for the rights of our immigrant communities, push for more affordable housing throughout our state, advance tuition-free college initiatives and student loan forgiveness programs, and prioritize other progressive values. Thank you and I look forward to serving as your next Assembly District 46 Delegate.

Colleen Evanson

My name is Colleen Evanson and I’m running for re-election as a District 46 delegate. As a writer of children’s programing at Disney I understand the importance of setting a good example and that communication is the first step towards progress. I fully admit that prior to 2016 I was part of the problem. I didn’t really pay that much attention to politics, but democracy is no longer a spectator sport for me.

I’m a founding member of a monthly volunteering non-profit organization called resisterhoodLA which pairs people who want to do good with non-profits who need help doing good in LA. I’m an active member of the Studio City Committee on Homelessness. I helped register voters with the League of Women Voters. And this past midterm I sent thousands of texts for candidates and issues across the country, donated to grassroots campaigns, and canvassed for Katie Porter (CA45) and Katie Hill (CA25).

My main issues are pushing for housing policies to combat LA’s rising homelessness crisis, Medicare for All, and getting corporate money out of politics as I believe it will lead the way to getting representatives who are accountable to the people vs special interests, common sense gun control laws, and moving forward on a Green New Deal.

As a union member and community organizer I care about understanding and meeting the needs of all my neighbors. I don’t know everything and I don’t pretend to but I will continue to show up and listen.

Judith Klapper

I’m very happy to be running for re-election to represent the 46th AD to the California Democratic Party.  Campaign finance reform is needed to get corporate and special interest money out of the way so we can work for the goals we want. We need the progressives in office to get these policies enacted. To quote one of my favorite Democrats, Nina Turner, “Any old blue just won’t do.” That’s why I’m proud to be part of the progressive push.

California Democrats have a supermajority, so let’s get that momentum working for us, let’s keep pushing to shape the party so it is truly representative of the people of California.

We want Medicare for All, affordable housing, immigration reform, tuition-free higher education. We want to combat climate change and economic inequality with a Green New Deal and we want sensible gun control laws. So let’s work for campaign finance reform so the progressive  voice can be heard.

In 2015 I was dedicated to working for Bernie Sanders’s campaign and was completely aligned with his goals.  When he lost the primary, I never thought to DemExit.  Instead I chose to work  to see those progressive values become integral to our party.

I have been active in supporting local progressive candidates and progressive causes as well as joining the effort to block Kavanaugh’s appointment and to defeat the vote to end the ACA.  I am a board member of Americans for Democratic Action, a member of the Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Our Revolution and the ACLU.

Elise Moore

I am a current Delegate for the beautiful 46th District. During my time as a Delegate I have participated in many progressive projects while remaining a dedicated advocate for racial equity, economic equality, and justice reform.

Empowering communities of color is of vital importance to me. I believe the cycle of poverty, the school-to-prison pipeline, red-lining and all other discriminatory practices must end. With meaningful legislation and Progressive representatives, I see an opportunity to eliminate unjust barriers to employment, housing, education and freedom. We must promote and protect equity during what is truly one of the most important social justice movements of our time.

In my first year as a Delegate -through civic engagement and coalition building- I organized support for many justice reform bills, including AB1008 to Ban the Box, SB394 to eliminate life without parole sentencing for juveniles and SB10 to reform our money bail system. For SB10, I developed and led advocacy projects aimed at influencing leaders and civic institutions. In 2018, I continued to advocate for progressive bills such as AB931 to limit the use of deadly force by police officers, SB1138 to provide plant-based meal options in hospitals and prisons, and SB607 to prohibit expulsions for willful defiance.

I have spoken at dozens of meetings, town halls and other community events. Earlier this year, I was invited to sit on the legislative panel at the PICO Symposium where I was giving the opportunity to energize over 200 people. After, I provided specialized training to multiple groups from all over California. Recently, I was asked to organize and lead a panel discussion with Senator Beall and Assemblyman Kalra during the National Organization for Women’s annual convention.

Leading up to the Nov. election, I spent 2 months in Washington as a district director for a progressive candidate who, if she wins, will be the first openly gay woman to serve in the WA Legislature.

I am thrilled to be back and excited to begin campaigning for re-election to the DCSS.  I truly appreciate this opportunity. I believe my advocacy experience, dedication to progressive values and fruitful ties to grassroots groups will help me to further excel in this position. You can trust that I will continue to fight and even sacrifice for your success and the success of all Californians.

Mimi Strauss

As a life-long Progressive Democrat I have been committed to transforming the Democratic Party into a more progressive and accountable voice for all of us. I am running on the San Fernando Valley Progressives Slate, and together we will work for a meaningful progressive transformation of our party.

Important issues I believe in and will continue to fight for:

  • Medicare for all.
  • Women’s rights and empowerment.
  • Affordable Housing and Tenants’ Rights.
  • Campaign Finance Reform with the emphasis on taking corporate money out of elections.
  • Total equality for the LGBTQ Community.
  • Tuition-Free public colleges and universities.
  • A carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system.
  • An Immigration Policy that provides a clear path to citizenship, and protects the rights of families to remain together.
  • Criminal Justice Reform including ending mass incarcerations and closing the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Gun Control and Assault Weapons Ban.

I stand with labor unions in their battles to unionize work places, and win livable wages and worker protections for their members. I’ve unionized 2 former work-places and fully understand the difficult battles unions must fight in order to prevail.

As an Assembly District 46 ADEM delegate for the last 4 years and a member of the CDP Progressive Caucus, I fulfilled all my responsibilities, was involved in Democratic Party activities, supported endorsed candidates, and attended all Conventions, Regional meetings, and Progressive Caucus meetings.

I am a decades-long resident of Sherman Oaks, and was educated locally: B.A., Sociology, California State University, Northridge; Juris Doctor, UCLA School of Law, and Master of Public Administration, University of Southern California

I’ve had a career in public-service in governmental watch-dog agencies, dedicated to detecting and deterring fraud, waste, and abuse of public resources; mismanagement and misconduct; governmental ethics violations and violations of public trust/political corruption. As former Deputy Inspector General for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and former Deputy Director/Chief of Enforcement for the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission, I’ve led investigations that have resulted in convictions of corrupt elected and former elected officials. I was a Criminal Justice professor at California State University, Los Angeles, and taught in other local colleges.

I would be honored to receive your vote and continue my efforts to ensure an accountable, transparent, and progressive Democratic Party.

Stacy Tapia

Who am I?

To begin, I’m 26 years old, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, specifically, Panorama City. As a daughter of mexican immigrants, I’ve known from an early age, the value of hard work, and the value of education. Throughout high school, I was able to focus on all my studies and was granted acceptance into the University of California, Berkeley as a first generation college student. It’s incredibly humbling to know that my parents’ efforts and sacrifice in coming to a new country as young adults were somehow realized. I currently pay that respect forward as an LA Unified Substitute Teacher and as a Public High School Tutor. My ultimate goal is to be a high school math teacher to help young scholars reach their own dreams.

What have you done to serve your district?

Up until now, the majority of community service has been as a participant in various events, both individuality and with different organizations.I’m a regular blood donor, have volunteered at animal shelters, and have been known to join a street clean team or two in the Valley. I’ve been involved with Heal the Bay to promote clean beaches, and organized students for STEM field trips. With my current employer, we have cleaned up state parks, remodeled a nursing home, and worked a food bank. While this is my first step into local politics, I’m no stranger to lending a helping hand, and seeing firsthand the condition of our  neighborhood today.

Why am I running?

I’m sure all of us felt in some form or another, that tensions these past few cycles have been uneasy. All of us feel the impacts of economic change, some more than others. As a delegate, my intentions are to hit the streets and speak on behalf of our communities to be sure our voices are heard on a national level. I know from those around me that odds are often not in one’s favor when it comes to facing income inequality, housing opportunities, and health care assurance. I see it in my own family and in those of my own students, that our government can do better in unifying ourselves for the sake of the most marginalized groups. Upon the most pressing issues for me include; medicare for all, tuition-free higher education, and a green new deal. We all deserve delegates that truly care about the well-being and concerns of their constituents. I’m here to listen, speak, and take action.

Reza Kermani

I am a Progressive surgeon who lives in Studio City and works as a trauma and general surgeon at hospitals throughout LA County. As a first-hand witness to the scourges of gun violence and inadequate access to healthcare, I am driven to promote common sense gun regulations and a Medicare-for-all single-payer system.  The root of our struggles stems from the corrupting influence of money in our politics and I advocate for efforts to overturn Citizens United. I advocate for efforts to limit the effect of corporate PACs on our politics as it is this corrupting influence that has led to the power of the NRA, the fossil fuel industry, and powerful multinational corporations to buy off our politicians and enact policies against the common good. I hope that I can bring my experience as a surgeon in the community to the slate of Assembly Delegates and advocate for a Progressive vision for the party.

José Navarrete

Hello, I am Jose Navarrete and I hope you take my candidacy into consideration as a delegate for Assembly District 46. I am 25 years old and have lived in the San Fernando Valley my whole life. I thank my mother who single-handed raised and educated me to be the person who I am today. I became socially active in high school where I organized many events to support our teachers and LGBTQ student community. In 2016, I give my thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont for helping me realize that we need to actively invest on our future. I became a State Delegate for Sen. Sanders and worked through his campaign to get out the vote and made my presence (along with the almost 1900 other delegates) known at the Democratic National Convention. After the campaign season, I work for the City of Los Angeles for their elections as a poll inspector to preside over each one in my community.

Our party can progress far beyond where it finds itself today to support and elevate the extraordinary people of our state.

Our party has to remove their hands from the pockets of dark money and be able to work hard enough to trust us to vote for them with no corporate help.

Let’s work towards making sure no one fears every trip or every injury to get the care we need by pushing Medicare-For-All.

At this point we cannot beg no more, we have move towards solving and preventing the effects of climate change to our planet.

Immigration reform for all, it is about time.

Let’s work towards the solutions of the housing crisis and homelessness in our state.

All these, and many more, are not just ideas desperately brought from thin air but of experiences of what I have been through and also the concerns of family, friends, and local people of our district. Please, again, take me into consideration to represent our district to make changes and work hard on your behalf. Thank you.

Jason Peart

My name is Jason Peart and I am running to be a delegate for California Assembly District 46. I am a second-generation Jamaican American who has lived in Southern California for more than 25 years. I have been politically engaged for the last decade— in both partisan and non partisan activities. I worked for The Nature Conservancy, an international non-profit organization that protects bio-diversity through various conservation projects. I moved to Valencia County (New Mexico) to serve as a Deputy Field Organizer for the 2008 Presidential Campaign for Barack Obama. I became a licensed attorney shortly thereafter, and joined fellow lawyers in Clark County (Nevada) to serve as an Election Observer during the state’s Early Vote period in 2012.

In 2017, with our social safety net under threat, I felt compelled to do something to protect the legislative victories won by Democrats. I became an active member of my local Indivisible group. While we successfully protected the Affordable Care Act from repeal, I watched in horror as the current President signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. As a tax attorney and a progressive, watching this bill become law was especially painful. I knew it would exacerbate the problem I care about most: rising income inequality.

Income inequality, when left unchecked, is a destabilizing force for residents of our district. It leaves workers with paychecks that don’t always keep pace with necessary expenses. It drives many District 46 residents deeper into debt. The trend is not sustainable, and poses a grave threat to our economy, equal opportunity, and even our democracy.

I believe our state, local, and federal governments should work in concert to reverse income inequality. Minimum wage laws and tax policy are two powerful tools Democrats should use to address it. Although I celebrated Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to enact a $15/hr state minimum wage, I am concerned the law allows future governors to pause planned increases due to recessionary fiscal or economic conditions. Likewise, I am also concerned our tax code has not done enough to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

I joined the San Fernando Valley Progressives because I support the group’s vision for the Democratic Party. Together, we will work to ensure the Democratic Party prioritizes the health, safety, and welfare of all District 46 residents.

Jon Pelzer

I am a lifelong Democrat who has campaigned for every one of my party’s Presidential nominees since 1968. Yet, in my first run for public office last June, I challenged the incumbent Democrat representing my Congressional District. Why? Because not all Democrats are alike.

Some take money from corporate interests, rendering them incapable of truly representing the people they serve. Others, like me, run corporate-free campaigns, giving us the independence to forcefully pursue the people’s progressive agenda. As a Delegate from AD 46, getting corporate-money out of politics will continue to be a top priority for me.

Another principle that I will continue to fight for is that healthcare is a right to be expanded, not a product to be peddled. We must have a single-payer system. California should be the leader in advocating a single-payer system.

As a party we must also view housing as a basic right. It is obscene for so many of our neighbors to have to choose between paying medical bills instead of their rent or mortgage. Realizing that economic factors account for the majority of our neighbors becoming unhoused is crucial. Even though Prop 10 lost, it raised awareness of the role corporate landlords are playing in our housing crisis. The California Democratic Party (CDP) must build on that awareness to not only repeal the Costa Hawkins Bill, but the Ellis Act as well.

Breathable air and clean water are essential to the pursuit of a good quality of life, and as such need to be protected as a basic human right. In the larger fight against climate change, the CDP’s support of the Green New Deal is essential. Our party needs to stand with all those who suffer from environmental injustice. As a member of Food & Water Watch, I was arrested along with sixteen others last year in a protest at Aliso Canyon facility, site of our nation’s worst methane gas leak. I remain disappointed at how many of our party’s leaders are absent in this fight to have this toxic facility shut down.

When I was sixteen I climbed my first ladder with a political-poster and staple-gun in hand. I remember believing that, as a Democrat, this was the party of the people. This meant taking stands that were rooted in basic morality, not petty politics. Should I have the honor of being elected a Delegate for AD 46, it will be my mission to turn this memory into reality.

Nick Roth

I am lifelong resident of AD-46. I live in Laurel Canyon and work at CBS Radford. I’m also a lifelong advocate of progressive Democratic politics. At sixteen I was part of a group that marched on Santa Monica City Hall in protest of the invasion of Iraq. In college at UC Berkeley I marched in numerous anti-war protests. At Cornell, while completing a PhD in English, I taught courses on literature and film that always had deeply political undercurrents, focusing on theories of ideology, discourse and power, and the politics of representation.

This past election cycle, I became more involved in hands-on political action. Starting in June, I volunteered for then Congressional candidate — now Congresswoman-Elect — Katie Hill. I spearheaded a fundraiser for her that brought together over a hundred individuals, featured Mayor Eric Garcetti and Jane Fonda as additional speakers, and ultimately raised over $32,000 for the campaign. In the months that followed, I assisted with multiple additional fundraisers, organized postcarding, textbanking, and phonebanking events, and mobilized weekend canvassing trips.

There is plenty of room in the Democratic party to embrace strong progressive platforms that have the potential for broad bipartisan appeal. Chief amongst these are Campaign Finance and Electoral Reform, Medicare For All, and a Green New Deal. All Americans want fair and secure elections, access to affordable health, and a clean, sustainable economy. There is no reason for these to be partisan or liberal issues. They are issues that can and must be at the center of the mainstream Democratic establishment.

I have a background in political theory and experience with political action. A vote for me is a vote to keep the Democratic Party focused on transparency, mobilizing turnout, and keeping winning issues front and center.

Steve Veres

As the son of a refugee and Mexican immigrant, I’ve known from an early age, the challenges of working people and immigrants in this country. Reared in a Labor Union household, I was taught the value of fair pay for honest work. I’m a first-generation college student. I’m a former public school teacher and an adjunct instructor at the Los Angeles Community College District where I now serve as a Trustee. Before teaching, I worked as a news editor. Through the years I have worked to empower immigrants and workers through non-profit work and political empowerment efforts.

For the past decade, I worked as the Deputy Chief of Staff to State Senate Leader Kevin de Leon, where I helped expand access to higher education, increase the state’s minimum wage, pass immigrant protection legislation, set a 100% clean energy future and secured funding to build new parks in Los Angeles. I currently work with former LA County Federation of Labor Secretary-Treasurer and current California State Senator Maria Elena Durazo.

As a college trustee, I worked in partnership with lawmakers to help secure the California College Promise which created the first year of tuition-free education for California Community College Students. I am currently spearheading efforts to improve our housing infrastructure and help hungry students at the Los Angeles Community College District.

I believe in and will continue to fight for: Medicare for all, Affordable Housing, Tuition-Free public colleges, 100% renewable clean energy efforts, a humane Immigration Policy reform effort that provides a clear path to citizenship, and Criminal Justice Reform with a focus on re entry and second chance career opportunities. I stand with labor unions and will fight for worker protections for their members.

I live in Sherman Oaks with my wife and three daughters who all attend local public schools.

I would be honored to receive your vote and I committed to fighting for a diverse, accountable, transparent, and progressive Democratic Party.