AD46 - Los Angeles County - Van Nuys, Studio City Areas

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 women and 7 men from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

Voting Time & Location

Date: Sunday, January 8
Candidate Speeches Begin: 9:30am
Registration & Voting Begin: 10:00am-12:00pm
Counting of Ballots Begins: 12:00pm


State Building Auditorium
6150 Van Nuys Bl
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Cross streets: Van Nuys and Calvert

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

Can We Count on You?

Your Progressive Candidates

Jonathan Schnitzer

Bernie Delegate & EBoard Candidate

Katherine Valentine

Bernie Canvassing Captain

Amber Lynn Blomgren

Organizer & Activist – SandersFangirl

Gilbert Feliciano

Revolutionary Strategist

Clifford J. Tasner

President of Americans for Democratic Action, Southern California


Sarah Burns

Ex Bernie Candidate for Delegate

Byron Engelking

Solidarity Organizer

Tyler J. Wise


Detailed Information

Jonathan Schnitzer

I’m running because I’ve accomplished impressive goals by working with a variety of communities to find common ground as a community organizer, delegate, volunteer and as a leader on several boards of directors. I’m proud to have served 5 years on the board of directors and also as the President of the board of The Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

When I was on the board of directors of AAFA we sued British Petroleum for polluting in San Pedro and WE WON! Then we used the money to team up with Dr. Craig T Jones (who drafted the original single payer version of Obamacare) to create The Breathmobile Program. Breathmobiles are mobile health care units that provide free health care to those in need. The program was such a success that there are now hundreds of Breathmobile units helping kids to control their asthma across the state and across America.

In 2008, I was in shock when Prop 8 passed. Like many of you I refused to sit in despair and I leaped into action by volunteering at The Los Angeles LGBT Center in Weho. I inspired people to not just give their money, but to give their time and volunteer as well. I’m so proud of how progressives helped turn gay marriage into a “No Hate” movement that became a reality.

This election cycle I got more involved than ever by going door-to-door throughout California and Nevada. My proudest moment was in Nevada when I actually flipped a Trump supporter and convinced him to go door-to-door with me. And yes, he was wearing the red hat. My secret? I listened to him and found common ground and persuaded him based on our mutual hopes that brought us together not the fears that divide us. I hope to earn your vote so together we can build bridges to an even stronger Democratic party.

Slate Card

Katherine Valentine

As a queer teenager at a Christian school in Georgia I learned what it is like to be a target of people’s judgement and contempt. It made me fearful of engaging in normal teenage activities like holding hands with my girlfriend or accompanying her to prom. However, as time went by I got tired of being scared. I instigated a petition to get a Gay Straight Alliance on campus that over 200 members of the community signed, joined the school’s Diversity Action Committee, and attended the Anti-Defamation League’s Youth Conference to Stop Hate. I know how ugly people can behave towards those classified as ‘other’, and I refuse to let that be the norm in our country. It is everyone’s responsibility to create an environment that allows minorities to walk through life without constant fear. Since then I have gained a global perspective by completing my undergraduate degree in the United Kingdom and my PhD in Psychology in Singapore.

In the UK I became a National Health Service trained sexual health educator, and have been a passionate advocate of reproductive rights and policies promoting comprehensive sex education since then. I experienced the benefits of universal healthcare in the UK: imagine never having to fear that going to the doctor or the hospital will result in a bill you cannot afford to pay. Furthermore, both the UK and Singapore showed me the advantages of an extensive public transportation network. I went 10 years without the need to own a car. I returned to the US excited to get involved in politics in my home country with lessons learned abroad.

Once in California, I immediately immersed myself in Democratic politics. I registered voters, hosted phone banking events, and acted as a canvassing captain. I am ready to bring my unique perspective to the California Democratic Party. The Republicans have won the national House, Senate, and Presidency, but in California Democrats have a supermajority. We have the chance to model for the nation what is possible when we have Democratic leaders. We can create jobs by rebuilding our infrastructure, raise the minimum wage, reduce the prison population, provide affordable healthcare, treat immigrants as human beings, reform campaign finance, and protect the environment. I would be honored to be a part of that effort as an Assembly District Delegate for District 46.

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Amber Lynn Blomgren

I am proud to be the third generation in my family that calls Assembly District 46 my home, with roots in this area dating back to 1964. I have worked hard and formed strong bonds in this district beginning with my first job in Universal City at age 16, and I’ve since devoted my adult life to acquiring skillsets that elevate the many small businesses and independent artists in my community. I have been raised by a tenacious single mother that now is a teacher for LAUSD.

The increasing difficulties that face the working class have been my issues my entire life, and in recent years it has become clear that I must become an active participant in our Democratic process to support and protect my communities.- I have been your bartender, social media consultant, waitress, personal assitant. I have worked alongside you in warehouses, media productions, promoting your art and important life events. I’m proud to identify as an artist, skilled worker, and a member of the LGBTQIA+ and Latino communities. I believe the successes we can truly celebrate in life are those that have never been achieved upon the backs of others. I seek to elevate members of each diverse community by actively extending empathy & accessibility to the oppressed, marginalized, and those at a socio-economic disadvantage.

Most notably, I have dedicated the past year to the being active in the Democratic primary, alongside an amazing network of passionate and devoted Bernie Sanders supporters. Most notably I worked closely with leaders in the Bernie Sanders Brigade and Team Bernie LA. I have held leadership roles in multiple progressive volunteer organizations, running their social media accounts, opening offices, and planning/attending weekly canvassing trips to Nevada, Arizona, and the greater Los Angeles area. I devoted my online media expertise and history working in Search Engine Optimization to a new movement of progressives, creating and boosting content that amplifies the messages of my communities. I taught others my skills, as it is incredibly important that the concerns of the people come from their own voice.

Many may remember me marching alongside them dressed as @sandersfangirl, livestreaming and interviewing people events like #OccupyCNN while wearing a white pigtail wig. For every lack of mention of Bernie Sanders in the media, it spurred me to fight ten times harder to get the word out online and inspire others to follow in personal and unique ways.

Now is the time to bring to bring my passion, skills, and utter devotion to the people that make our district beautiful fully into our Democratic process. I humbly ask you to allow me to serve my communities by electing me as a delegate for your home and mine, AD46.

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Gilbert Feliciano

The change we want to see in this world, truly begins with us. If you’re worried about the upcoming Trump Administration and the damage its scheduled to do, I ask for you support. Fighting the destructive rightwing hatred filled xenophobes should remain a priority as well protecting the most vulnerable residents of our beloved community. Join me on January 8th if you live in Assembly District 46 to vote for a slate of true progressives. We are called the United Progressives SFV. Register online to commit to vote for change on Sunday 01-08-17.

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Clifford J. Tasner

Clifford J. Tasner is a film composer and a political satirist. for the past 16 years, he has been writing and producing the songs of The Billionaires political street theater troupe, using humor to get people to think about the ways that the 1% have corrupted our entire society. ADA is a multi-issue progressive organization that is working on issues of Police Violence, Fracking, Single-Payer Healthcare and opposition to War, among others. The Southern California Chapter of ADA was the first one to endorse Bernie Sanders for President, and Tasner’s efforts to lobby the ADA National board were instrumental in getting National ADA to endorse Bernie’s campaign. And now ADA continues to be committed to waging Bernie’s revolution for a progressive, populist alternative to the Ayn Randian hellscape that the Republicans and Trump are getting ready to unleash. In his capacity as delegate to the California Democratic Convention, Tasner is committed to breaking the dependence on corporate cash that has compromised the the party. He is also on the political committee of AFM local 47 and has been lobbying legislators to extend Film Tax Credits to help musicians keep their jobs in the face of offshoring by greedy production companies.

Sarah Burns

Sarah P. Burns for Progressive Democrats – CA ADD 46

• SARAH BURNS is a PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT, and was a candidate for DELEGATE for BERNIE SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT in 2016. At Bernie’s encouragement, she attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

• Previously, was an elected delegate for JOHN KERRY in 2004 in Boston. She has worked for and campaigned for Democratic candidates Mike Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry and Bernie Sanders.

• Canvassed and raised funds for BERNIE SANDERS throughout Southern California.

• Activist for reproductive justice and formerly Public Affairs Director at Planned Parenthood and actively works for and lobbies for a US foreign policy based on human rights, peace and diplomacy at JUST FOREIGN POLICY.

• She will fight for: immigrants’ rights, human rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental justice; access to fair and affordable housing and to good jobs; free/affordable education for all; resistance to the Donald Trump administration; fighting for the election of progressive Democrats to the House in 2018 and to take back the White House in 2020.

Sarah Burns lives in Los Angeles, (Valley Glen) CA, where she works in public policy and advocacy. She ran as a delegate for Bernie Sanders and is a committed progressive democrat. She has served as Director of Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood and Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Women’s Foundation of California, and is currently a Senior Fellow at Just Foreign Policy.

Prior to moving to LA, she worked for the United Nations in Washington, DC. Her professional experience also includes serving as a Legislative Aide in the U.S. Congress, and consultant to the U.S. State Department.
Ms. Burns has served on the Boards of the National Women’s Political Caucus and the National Council of UNA-USA. She holds degrees from Boston College (B.A.); the University of Madrid (M.A.) and Harvard University’s Kennedy School (M.P.A.). She is fluent in Spanish.

Byron Engelking

My name is Byron Engelking! I spent 7 years in the Marine Corps now I’m a student of Environmental Science, a beekeeper and now I’m a martial arts instructor.

Conserving our natural world is whats most important to me. I believe that people who live in major cities (like myself) can greatly benefit from being in nature.

Tyler J. Wise

In the wake of the November 8th election; I truly believe that the United States will see an uprise in progressive voters and activists. People who will refuse to let one administration tear down the progress we have made in this country. Which is why I believe the Democratic party should have the foresight to take on the responsibility of listening to their constituents. I have spent my life ensuring that the community I reside in is better off then when I first got there. Whether it was helping low income & DACA students gain access into higher education through the Educational Opportunity Program at California State University – Los Angeles. The championing of LGBTQ rights through the work I did in the production of the show The Fosters. The tutoring/mentoring I did at Central Juvenile Hall trying to curb the re-incarceration rate of minors through education, or even if it was the vast amount of charity work I’ve done throughout Los Angeles. I have always strived to create a progressive and thriving environment throughout my community. I hope that you will allow me to be that person for our community as an Assembly District Delegate for AD46 and would graciously accept the support of my fellow Progressive Democrats.