AD48 - Los Angeles County - Baldwin Park, Covina Areas

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

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Voting Time & Location

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019
Doors Open: 9:45am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:15am
Registration & Voting: 10:45am-12:45pm

West Covina Public Library
1601 West Covina Parkway
West Covina, CA 91790

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

Can We Count on You?
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Your Progressive Candidates

Francoise Coulton

Healthcare Activist

Giselda Robles


Shahrzad Shishegar

Social Worker

Raymond Jacobs-Edmondson

Peace Corps Volunteer

Denis Recendez

Activist & Organizer

Detailed Information

Francoise Coulton

I am an army brat.  I have lived in the U.S. and abroad in both progressive and conservative areas. My mother is white (French) and my father is black (American), which gives me unique understanding of race relations.

I spent many years as a Sr. HR Manager and as a musician.  I have a lot of experience with all levels of people from all over the world.

My husband and I moved to southern California 6 years ago.  I was glad to leave the deep south.

After the last presidential elections, I realized that I needed to get involved.  I am passionate about social justice, improving the environment, gun sense laws, equal pay for women and minorities, ensuring affordable housing, affordable healthcare for all, and eliminating the Electoral College.

I love living in West Covina.  However, the local government needs to hear more from people of mixed backgrounds.

Thanks for considering me for this important campaign.

Gisela Robles

My name is Gisela Robles and I am asking for your support in becoming a Delegate For AD 48. I have been resident of Covina for over 28 years.  I am the product of chasing the American dream.  My parents emigrated from Guatemala in the early 1960s, while my siblings and I were
children.  My parents left Guatemala because they wanted a better life for us.  We have worked
hard and I believe triumphed  in attaining the American dream through hard work and

I have been a life long Democrat since my first vote at age 18.  As I have aged I have remained a Democrat because I believe in the core ideals of the party, Equality for All.  However recently as I have gotten more involved in what is happening I see that if we want to keep our party thriving we need to work on appealing to the younger generation while also not forgetting about  our core.  I want to work towards achieving this goal.  I am lucky now that I have the luxury of time since I just retired from a 40 plus year career with the justice system, Los Angeles Superior Court.  I would again ask for your support so that I can work towards achieving our slate platform of Medicare for all; fighting influences of money in politics; addressing affordable
housing and homelessness; addresses climate crisis; addressing living wages and public

Shahrzad Shishegar

I am an immigrant from Iran.  Fifty-five years ago, my dad moved our family here because America represented freedom, equality, and justice for all; things that were lacking in Iran.  “America the Great” was his overriding belief and he imparted that vision to us.

Growing up, we were not politically active.  We trusted that our government would act in the best interest of its citizens and from what I knew at the time….for the most part, it did.

But, as I became more aware of what America really is, rather than its ideals, it was clear that our freedoms have been compromised.  It seems equality is now a misnomer (income inequality, gender inequality, racial inequality).  It seems more and more clear that justice is strongly tilted toward the rich….the 1%.  And that the poor get imprisoned while the rich get pardoned.  It has become clear that our government has been hijacked by the 1% and that WE work more to get less.  The trickle-down economy is actually a trickle-up economy.

This is why I want to be a delegate.  I want to make sure I do everything I can to promote the welfare of the 98%.  I want to do whatever I can to help the common person.  I believe in:

1)- Medicare for All;

2)- Combating homelessness/promoting affordable housing;

3)- Promoting a living wage;

4)- Supporting public education;

5)- Protecting the environment; and

6)- Getting the 1%’s and corporation’s money out of politics.

As a delegate, I will be able to impact decisions that will do exactly that.

I am the co-founder of the SGV Progressives; a group dedicated to informing ourselves and others about issues that affect us all; we held educational forums addressing questions about Medicare for All; we supported the campaigns of progressive candidates, we cooked chili to feed those participating in the Occupy Movement.  I am proud to have been nominated for the Harriett Roosevelt Democratic of the Year award in the 48th District in 2016.

I hope you will allow me to advocate for these beliefs by voting for me!  My Dad would be proud.

Thank you,
Shahrzad Shishegar

Raymond Jacobs-Edmondson

When I was in the Peace Corps, American politics a frequent topic of discussion. When
asked my opinions of it, I used to describe it as like watching your house burn down from
your neighbor’s living room and wondering why the fire department wasn’t showing up. I
made a pledge to myself while overseas to become more involved in fixing our broken
system that allows the wealthy class to pillage my generation’s future.

I began to fulfill that pledge upon my return. I became active in local government, petitioning
my city council about various grievances. In November, I canvassed for local progressive
candidates and wrote postcards to voters in competitive districts. I joined the San Gabriel
Valley Progressives and assisted their efforts to push our candidates to the left. Now, I’m
throwing my own hat into the ring. After seeing what our nation has come up with over my
adult life, I know I can do better.

My platform is as follows:
1. Medicare For All: Health care is a human right, full stop. It is time we joined the rest
of the developed world in recognizing that.
2. Combating Climate Change: Even though I’m a scientist, it doesn’t take an expert
to recognize one of the greatest threats we currently face as a species.
3. Affordable Housing: My generation is being priced out of the housing market.
4. Affordable Education/Job Training: College isn’t for everybody, but should be
accessible to all those who desire it. For the rest, skilled labor can provide alternative
avenues for success.
5. Eliminating Homelessness: The number is people experiencing homelessness is
steadily rising. It is shameful that in the richest country in the world we have people
starving on the street.
6. Abolition of ICE: The abuses of this agency are unacceptable and we must do our
part to rid the country of them.
7. Campaign Finance Reform: The rich run roughshod through our electoral process,
pouring billions into the candidates that will increase their wealth. This must stop.
8. Preserving the Environment: As a Wilderness EMT, I spend a good deal of time
outdoors. We must resist attempts to trade our descendants’ future enjoyment of our
beautiful backcountry for a quick buck.

If you select me as a delegate, I will fight to make these issues the priority for the Democratic
Party of California.
If you want to talk, my virtual door is always open at
Together, we can move California and the nation forward!

-Raymond Jacobs-Edmondson

Denis Recendez

As your delegate for Assembly District 48, I will continue to fight for legislation that allows everyone to be healthy and productive members of our community and economy; Medicare for All, tuition-free college, fighting the climate crisis, affordable housing, a living wage and more.

I believe that the Democratic Party is once again on the right track and must continue in the direction of fighting for the needs of the working class and the poor.  I also believe the influence of big money in our politics is what keeps us from achieving legislation that truly helps the people.

Originally inspired into action by the Bernie Sanders campaign, I have been involved in many corporate-free campaigns.  Recent campaigns that I have been involved in include SB 562 (legislation to bring a Medicare for All type program to California), Maria Estrada for Assembly, Charter Amendment B (the campaign start work on establishing a Public Bank of Los Angeles) and Proposition 10 (to protect renters).

I am the current VP of Programs for the Democrats of Pasadena Foothills and member of the Feel The Bern Democratic Club, Our Revolution, Healthcare for All California and DSA-LA.

I am a lifelong resident of the San Gabriel Valley, a proud resident of Azusa and happily provide customer service in the field of information technology for a private college.

Please vote for me as I continue to fight for the well-being of our community.

Thank you,

Denis Recendez

Azusa, CA