What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

Voting Time & Location

Date: Saturday, January 12, 2019
Doors Open: 9:45am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:15am
Registration & Voting: 10:45am-12:45pm

Ironworkers Local 433 Hall
17495 Hurley Street East
City of Industry, CA 91744

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

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Candidate for E Board

Henry Huerta

Vote for Delegate AND E-Board Representative

Labor & Community Activist

Christina  Bouchot

Labor & Employment Attorney

Zenaida Huerta

Student Activist

Caro    Jauregui

Public Education Advocate

Rosaelva Lomeli

Educator/Elected College Board Trustee






Maritza Nieves

Elected K-8 School Board Trustee

Sonia Martin-Solis

Teacher/ Education Advocate

Stephanie  Terrazas

Healthcare Activist

Roberto Alavarez

Healthcare Worker

Martin Cortez

Healthcare Manager

Ted     Gottis

Military Veteran/LGBTQ Advocate

Henry Huerta

Labor & Community Activist

Vote for Delegate AND E-Board Representative


Daniel Malignaggi

High School Teacher

Max A. Ordonez

Small Business Advocate




Ray  Wong

Retired High School Teacher

Detailed Information


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The AD 57 Progressive Alliance Slate embraces the progressive movement. We are by the pursuit of economic and social justice and has a proven track record of being a hard-working progressive advocate. Our slate represents a diverse cross-section of the community members with representatives from a variety of groups: we are labor activists, veterans, public educators, health sector workers, nonprofit workers, public servants, and students.  Some of the issues we stand for are:


  • Healthcare for All
  • Increasing Access to Labor Unions
  • Making Housing Affordable
  • Clean, Renewable Energy
  • Tuition-Free Public College
  • Equity for Marginalized Communities
  • Support for Veterans
  • Subsidized Early Childhood Education
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Humane Immigration Policy
  • Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform

Detailed Information

Henry Huerta

My name is Henry Huerta and I am running to be elected Assembly Delegate and E-Board Representative in the 57th Assembly District. I am a labor activist and was a Bernie Sanders pledged delegate at the Democrat National Convention. I was proud to work alongside many of you in this past election as we made hundreds of phone calls, registered voters, knocked on doors–in particular new and young voters. You trusted me and elected me to represent you at Democratic National Convention and we made sure that your voices were heard across the nation. I have spent over 25 years working on labor issues with State Labor Commissioner office and as the past Director of the Car Wash Workers organizing campaign with the AFL-CIO. I will fight for working families and not corporate interests.

I take great pride in raising two young Democratic Party activists in this community. My daughter Zenaida Huerta who was the youngest California National Delegate and will be also seeking election as a Assembly District Delegate. In my early youth I grew up in a farmworker family and marched with Cesar Chavez in the Salinas Valley and learned the value of organizing for change.

During the past year I have invested my efforts in building our Democratic party by registering voters and educating new and young voters to participate in the election process. I have trained and recruited Democrats to phone bank, door knock and have participated in the planning of a number of political events. We all believe in health care for all, equal pay for equal work, affordable housing, ending of institutional racism and income inequality and making sure that we live in a healthy and safe environment. It is important that we work on building a long lasting connection to working families and encourage active community participation around the issues that affect all of us without the involvement of special interest money. The nation is looking at California as a beacon of hope in turning the tide of the poisonous ideology that is professed by the Republican Party.

During the past year as National Delegate I gave numerous interviews in all forms of media, promoting the changes that are needed in our society. As a parent of two college-aged children I have become concerned with lack of opportunity because of the escalating costs for education. We need to provide them a world that is not toxic and free of pollutions and not dependent on fossil fuel.

I ask for your support in my election as a ADEM delegate and E Board Representative. I believe that I have the skills to work with diverse groups and accomplish needed change that will build our party into one that is truly represents working people.

Christina Queiros Bouchot.

My name’s Christina Queiros Bouchot. I am the daughter of Portuguese immigrants who fled fascism to make a new life in America. My mother was a cafeteria worker and my father was a welder. Their belief in hard work and education pushed me to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a law degree from Boston College. I’m now a labor and employment attorney. I plan to use my understanding of the impact of legislation on employees to help working class people as a delegate. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in or collaborated with the nonprofit sector, working at the Boston Healthcare for The Homeless Program, pro bono in a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of a wrongfully convicted man who spent 20 years in prison only to be exonerated by DNA evidence, and representing an undocumented domestic violence survivor in an eviction matter. Closer to home, I am a Whittier homeowner, a mother of two preschoolers, and a proud member of MOPS — mothers of preschoolers.

Zenaida Huerta

My name’s Zenaida Huerta and I’m thrilled to be running for re-election to the California Democratic Party as an ADEM delegate. I’m committed to fighting for working families, not corporate interests. I ran in 2017 because I believed we needed a political revolution — including Medicare for All and a Green New Deal — in the Democratic Party. While much has changed in the 2 years since I first ran, my conviction for true progressive justice has not.

During my time as a delegate, I’ve fought against the pervasive culture of sexual harassment in politics. Given recent events, it is clear to me that these ADEM elections are important more than ever. We must vote for delegates who will always fight against injustice — not just when it is convenient.

As a member of the Chicano Latino Caucus, I’ve advocated against family separations. As a member of the Progressive Caucus, I’ve stood up for money out of politics. As a member of the Women’s Caucus, I’ve helped elect a historic number of women.

But more work remains to be done. We need to elect people who can connect Democratic voters to the party, people who are not in politics just to stand on the sidelines when faced with injustice
— people who are truly dedicated to working-class and middle-class families.

In this difficult and confusing time for California Democrats, we need to elect delegates who are committed to advocating for fundamental reforms in the party. Likewise, we need to engage the young, progressive voters who voted in historic numbers in the past midterms. I am committed to delivering on both of those issues.

Caro Jaurequi

My name’s Caro Jauregui. I grew up in unincorporated West Whittier and currently reside there. I’m a daughter of immigrants and a first-generation college student. I received my undergraduate education from UC Berkeley and I have a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Mills College. Since graduating, I’ve worked for nonprofits advocating for public policy issues surrounding racial and income inequality. I currently serve as a Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate and am on the board of SPIRITT Family Services. I’m a feminist who believes in immigrant rights, labor unions, a real living wage, and LGBTQ inclusion. I believe in the value of public education, the need to protect the environment and reproductive rights, Medicare for all, and affirmative action. My desire to correct injustices drives me to seek leadership positions in the California Democratic Party

Rosaelva Lomeli

My name’s Rosaelva Lomeli. I’m a Science Teacher and a proud, active 22-year member of the Montebello and California Teachers Association. As a strong progressive Democrat, I support public education, Medicare for all, immigrant rights, labor unions and a woman’s right to choose.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Mount Saint Mary’s University and a Master’s degree in education from Whittier College. I was recently elected to Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees.

I grew up in East Los Angeles and later moved to the City of Whittier where I became a homeowner. I was raised by two working-class parents who instilled in me a strong work ethic and dedication to achieving success in education. Both my father and mother were role models who inspired me with their tenacity and resilience in life. The example they set has led me to a life of public service.

Maritza Nieves

My name’s Maritza Nieves. I’m an active community member, a proud parent of two Los Nietos School District students, and a loving military wife. I was recently elected to the Los Nietos School District Board of Trustees. I also serve as the Board Chair for Plaza de la Raza Child Development Services and am a member of the Step-by-Step West Whittier-Los Nietos Community Advisory Committee.

I’m a Public Service Administrator with over 15 years of experience in the non-profit, education, and public sectors. I hold a Master of Science degree in Public Administration from Cal State LA and a BA in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. I currently work for the City of Santa Fe Springs in the Community Services Department coordinating and overseeing budgets and programs and conducting policy development and implementation.

I’m passionate about changing my community and about improving the lives of local residents, including those in underrepresented communities such as Los Nietos. I particularly want to bring attention to improving education outcomes for underprivileged communities.

Sonia Martin-Solis

My name’s Sonia Martin-Solis. I’m a kindergarten teacher. I became a teacher because I wanted to help others in my community to improve their educational opportunities. As your delegate, I will continue to fight to bring access to quality public education opportunities to all of the children in our community.

I’ve served on the board of the California Teacher’s Association, the National Education Association, and in the house of representatives for the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA). I received a WHO (We Honor Ours) Award from UTLA in 2009 for my contributions to my local association and I also served as a member of the transition team for former state Superintendent Tom Torlakson.

I began my career over 25 years ago at 66th Street Elementary School and currently teach at Hillcrest Elementary Center for Enriched Studies in LAUSD. I received my bachelor’s degree at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and my teaching credential through the LAUSD Intern Program. I reside in Norwalk.


Stephanie Terrazas.

My name’s Stephanie Terrazas. I work two jobs and the American Dream for me is still unattainable. It is unfortunate that there are so many out there like me. As your elected delegate I will continue to push for issues like single-payer healthcare, affordable housing, fair wages, women’s rights, social justice reform, banning fracking, and veterans’ rights so that one day we can all live a dignified life.

I’m a proud member of the Progressive Caucus and the Veterans Caucus, Executive Board Member of United Dems of San Gabriel Valley, Our Revolution Whittier, Rio Hondo Democratic Club, and an active AFSCME Union member. I am currently an elected delegate to the California Party’s State Central Committee.

After volunteering for the Bernie Sanders campaign, participating in rallies, marches, and protests, I thought being a delegate would be another way to help my community. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have met wonderful people who are not only activists but also party leaders who have passed on to me years of knowledge and experience.

I find it imperative to be engaged with our community whether it be with text-banking or old-fashioned door knocking. Some of the campaigns I have worked on are Proposition 61, Drug Price Standards (2016), SB 562- Single Payer Healthcare California and Proposition 10, Local Rent Control Initiative. I have also worked on local, state, national and presidential campaigns. I look forward to continuing to use what I have learned to help people in need.


Martin Cortez

My name’s Martin Cortez. I grew up in East Los Angeles and Montebello. I earned a B.A. from the CSU Sacramento and earned a law degree from the University of Buffalo School of Law. I studied Critical Race Theory and International Human Rights while in law school, which helped to shape my beliefs and values, which include equal rights for all including healthcare, education, and a fair wage. I was a legislative intern for both Kathleen Brown at the Office of the State Treasurer and for Hilda Solis when she was in the Assembly representing AD 57. I’ve worked for State Government Agencies and in the Private Sector. I’m excited to put my experience to work in making our state a better place for everyone.


Ted Gottis

My name’s Ted Gottis and I’m a resident of Whittier where I live with my husband and two children. I served in the Army as a Russian Linguist and a Field Artillery Officer. I’m the Senior VP for healthcare compliance company. I have worked for and volunteered with many non-profits including Plaza Community Services, the Whittier Historic Neighborhood Association (Whittier, CA), and the Long Beach Gay and Lesbian Center. I earned a law degree and a Master’s in International Relations from Syracuse University. I’m dedicated to improving the quality of public education, providing access to healthcare, and making our environment healthy and sustainable for future generations.


Daniel Malignaggi

My name’s Daniel Malignaggi and I’m a homeowner and teacher. As a high school teacher to members of Generation Z, I work with students who face serious anxieties over current and future threats to their safety and well-being. Every day for the past 15 years, I have battled many of the same challenges as my Millennial peers. I’ve had to overcome the price of broken economic policies — such as costly wars, the skyrocketing cost of college, and job and housing shortages — just to start a modest career and a family. As a caretaker of Baby Boomer parents, I’m also keenly aware of the challenges facing our aging population and the on-going crisis in healthcare access.

I graduated from LMU and received a Master’s in Urban Planning from Cal Poly Pomona. I’ve worked in transportation and city planning and care about sustainable practices such as providing housing and environmental justice to our communities. I’ve been active in progressive politics my whole life. During the past three years especially I’ve worked to help elect local leaders who also share my values.

Coming from a family with over 25 years of teaching experience, I’m passionate about bringing more educational opportunities to our students and giving them a fighting chance to become college and career ready. As a proud husband and father, I want to help set into motion the creation of a new vision that will provide healthcare for all, more quality educational opportunities, the reduction of income inequality, and a clean and healthy environment for current and future generations.


Max A.Ordonez

My name’s Max A. Ordonez and I am a long time resident of unincorporated East Whittier. I’m a son of immigrants, was raised in a union household, and am a first-generation college graduate.

All of us in my family are byproducts of the public school system. I received a Bachelor’s degree from Cal State LA. During my career, I have consulted school districts, community colleges, and municipalities in managing large-scale bond construction programs and redevelopment / economic development projects.

I care deeply about ensuring workers have real living wages, supporting our building trade unions, providing healthcare for those with pre-existing conditions, and expanding of Medicare for those with the most need. I support public education and making college affordable and effective in preparing students for an ever-changing world.

Ray Wong

My name’s Ray Wong. Born and raised in South Los Angeles, I witnessed the Watts Riots, the movement for civil rights, and the generation turmoil surrounding the Vietnam War. I learned early that discrimination breeds hatred and mistrust, which can ultimately lead to the breakdown of a community. That is why I believe community activists must work together for the common good.

As a former inner-city classroom teacher for 32 years with the LAUSD — In 1996 he was named Teacher of the Year in my school’s region — I seek to incorporate the same positive values (community strength through mutual support, kindness, understanding, and a sense of neighborhood pride) I learned as a teacher to my current community.

After retiring in 2014, I began working for the California State Senate as the Community Outreach Liaison for the 32nd District, focusing on connecting talented people, strengthening communities and community organizations, and fighting for the betterment of the district’s communities.

Two of my proudest moments while serving the Senate were the success of SB 128, honoring the African American veterans who served as “Buffalo Soldiers, and SR 56, which honored the famed all Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team of WWII.

I currently serve as a commissioner of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services for the City of Whittier. I’m also a Whittier member on the Citizens Technical Advisory Committee for the Puente Hills Habitat Authority. I’m also president of the Whittier Astronomical Society and a member of the Mark Twain Democratic Club of Whittier.

Roberto Alvarez

“The fight continues and the political revolution endures”
My name is Roberto Alvarez and I am seeking your support and vote for a second term as A California Democratic Party 57th Assembly District Delegate. It is imperative now more than ever to continue the trasformation of the Democratic Party in California, a transformation that is long overdue, where Single payer Healthcare can become a reality here in California and accross the nation, a program that can bring the peace of mind to millions of hard working Americans. Where the rapid transformation from a smog, oil burning and pollution creating industries are meet with a new pollution free and green, solar, wind, an wave powered economic industries that will help to slow and stop the threat of global warming as they become part of the New Green Deal. Where education is not just untill high school but is available and affordable to whom ever wish to persue a higher degree. This fight is not easy but it can be accomplish, thank you for your vote and support, Viva la revolucion politica!