AD75: Inland Empire and the inland parts of North County

What are Assembly District Delegates?

Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 women and 7 men from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative.

Voting Time & Location

Date: Saturday, January 7
Candidate Speeches Begin: 1:00pm
Registration & Voting Begin: 1:30pm-3:30pm
Ballot Counting Begins: 3:30pm


The Joslyn Senior Center
AKA Park Avenue Community Center
210 Park Avenue
Escondido CA, 92025

Cross roads: North Broadway

*Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

Can We Count on You to Come Vote?

Your Progressive Candidates

Alan Geraci

Progressive Democrat

Vanessa Hahn

Community Activist

Sue Phillips

RN CNA/NNU 2016 Bernie DNC Delegate

Detailed Information

Alan Geraci

As a lifelong Democrat, I care about the present and future of our Party. It is important for our local, state and national presence to be the grass roots Party of, by and for the People. Standing on the sidelines is not an option for me. As an active community participant both for the local schools and community youth organizations, I help my North San Diego County community thrive. I have spent most of my years as an attorney fighting for criminal and civil justice. I want to bring my skills and talents to our Party and affect the changes we need to be politically viable to our next generation. I am married and a father of 5 sons and 1 daughter. My children are mostly adults and productive teachers and business people in my community. Helping people get involved as a community organizer is something that comes natural to me. I subscribe to our Party State and National platforms. Believing in the equality and inherent dignity of all persons are not just words to me but is the sentiment that drives me every day for every one.

Sue Phillips

Registered nurse. Chief Nurse Representative for local community hospital district. Lifelong Democrat committed to returning our party back to supporting the middle class. Medicare for all, living wages, get Wall Street out of politics, and vote nurses values. 2016 democratic delegate.

Vanessa Hahn

As a progressive, mother, wife, business owner, and working professional, I firmly believe that our civic duty is to participate in the election of those representatives that most align with our values. I have participated as a poll worker during primary and presidential elections and felt that was sufficient. But it’s time to do more. For years, I have voted progressively on an independent basis, but the past few election cycles have shown me that voting for the Democratic ticket most closely aligns with the future I envision for my family. As a first-generation Latina, I have seen first-hand the struggles and hardships endured by the poorest in our society. I believe we all have the right to live above the poverty line; we have the right to a good education, and we have the right to health care for everyone — and a progressive ticket will get us there. For these reasons, I humbly ask to run for Assembly District Delegate.